The well-keeper behind the poet, Fan I am deeply in love with ancient jade.

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The热门事件 wife of Yu Guangzhong, a well-known poet, is a hobby and collector of ancient jade. She once wrote a book "Jade Shang", and she died a few days ago, enjoying a life of 92 years old.

Born in 1931, Fan Wocun is a distant cousin of Yu Guangzhong. He has known Yu Guangzhong for more than 70 years, and they got married in 1956. After Yu Guangzhong died in 2017, he married for 61 years. The writer Zhang Xiaofeng once described Yu Guangzhong as a well for everyone to drink, and Fan Wocun was the person who protected the well. Chen Sufang, editor-in-chief of Jiuge Publishing, pointed out that in recent years, Fan Wocun had suffered from severe stomach bleeding a few days ago, but his thoughts were still clear. She is smart and capable, and Lin Haiyin once said that she should set up her own publishing house!

In addition to being the first reader and the best backing of Yu Guangzhong's works, I have developed my own interest in appreciating and hiding jade besides my family and children, and I have written a book Jade Shang. I am not a research expert but a jade lover. I often visit various ancient cultural relics in the Forbidden City and love ancient jade culture very much. After Yu Guangzhong moved to Hong Kong, he began to formally collect ancient jade, and then studied Chinese knot jade. Besides publishing books, he also launched an exhibition of Tibetan jade.

Zhong Ling, a writer and scholar, recalled the friendship of visiting and buying jade with Fan Me in Hong Kong and Taiwan Province. She pointed out that when they were in Hong Kong in 1984, they would meet in Hollywood Street almost every weekend. "We will make an appointment to buy jade at no more than HK$ 500 each time." It won't hurt too much to buy a fake, and after buying jade in one shop, they will always slap their eyes in the next shop. "Nine out of ten things will be said to be.

After returning to Taiwan, Zhong Ling and Fan Wocun also began to ask experts for advice. "Because Shi Mu (Fan Wocun) is a friend of Lin Wenyue, we always ask her husband Guo Yulun for advice. Every time we admire jade at his house, we can eat dishes cooked in Lin Wenyue." Zhong Ling recalled that Fan Wocun was "smart and studious" and had a great research spirit. She even read a lot of papers to appreciate jade.