"Walking and looking for" star results | "Four under the grassroots level" walks well to promote the development of Huinan livelihood, "Huanghua Road"

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Investigation and research are the foundation of the matter and the way of success. Without investigation,热门话题 there is no right to speak, and there is no decision -making power.

Find the problem in depth, solve the promotion of development on the spot, and answer the "front -line test questions" with precise and pragmatic measures. Recently, Changsha County, Hunan has set off a working system for implementing the "four -level grassroots".The practice of people's livelihood.

With this system as the starting point, recently, Huanghua Town, Changsha County combined with the work of "sprinting for the fourth quarter and decisive all year", organized the sinking line of the party and government team to go to find out to promote.Problems, solve problems, help villages (communities) to improve their status, "end", and make the footsteps of promoting development and benefiting people's livelihood really fall into implementation.

Entering the venue at one time, the whole body test

"Near the New Year's Eve, we came to the front line to visit and investigate. We want to truly understand the current difficulties and help solve the problem. I hope everyone can use it to investigate and study this 'heir family treasure'.This 'walking in front, doing demonstration', focusing on Changsha to build a global R & D center city, contributing to the high -quality development of Xingsha ... "

A few days ago, Zhang Hui, Secretary of the Party Committee of Huanghua Town, Changsha County, led a team to Shenhexin Village to conduct a "four -level grassroots" visit to investigate.He has a clear thinking and clear purpose. In accordance with the "one -time entry and systemic test", he talks with the members of the village branch committee one by one.And give corresponding guidance and support according to the problem.Earlier, Zhang Hui also led the team to visit the Suman Village in this way.

"We carried out investigations and research, always focusing on 'one purpose', and" two combinations ', implementing' five must be ".The practical effects of transforming into viewing, being able to touch, development, and the satisfaction of the masses are satisfactory. "During the investigation, Zhang Hui said.

One purpose: four levels of grassroots, finding to promote problems, solve problems, and issue issues; two combination: combined with the operation of the middle team, the cadres perform their duties, and promote the task of the year of the decisive battle.People talk about, see the results, find problems, mention measures, and the effects meet -Following this requirement, Huanghua set up 4 adjustment groups in the form of "full coverage and promotion in batches".To.In the form of Zhang Hui, Liu Deng, Chen Zhongshan, and Ma Jin, other members of the party and government as a member, the town conducted a field survey on each village (community) in the area in batches, and completed all of them before December 3rd.Research.

In -depth understanding of the political construction and operation of the village (community) team, the training of young cadres, the implementation of the party's organizational regulations and systems, and the problem of "urgency and sorrow" that plagues the masses -based on this as the research content, members of each team can see the scene, watch the scene, see the scene,Inquiry questions, deep exchanges, and achievements, establish a grass -roots work account with a real and pragmatic work, and provide a solid and reliable basis for the solution of the implementation of the problem and solving the "urgency and sorrow" accurately.

First -line inspection, dehumidification body

The grassroots level is a "first -line visit". Finding the question is to "diagnose the pulse". The way to find a way is to "treat the disease".

"Several work results of land acquisition and demolition, water conservancy construction, straw burn, and flood prevention exercises are outstanding. I hope that everyone will continue to maintain a united officer, innovate development, actively act, and keep the discipline, so that work will be more powerful."

A few days ago, when Liu Deng, deputy secretary of the party committee and mayor of Huanghua Town, led a team to investigate Yutang Village, he conducted a "diagnosis of pulse" on the specific situation of the village's work.While affirming the results, the problems discovered in the book are also recorded, and feasible suggestions are made for related problems.

The dregs governance and the environmental governance of rural human settlement are difficult to advance; it is necessary to continue to strengthen the illegal work of illegal governance; rural revitalization can seek breakthroughs from more angles ... Look at the category, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source,Overview, the measures, periods, and effects of handling are clear and clear.In the past few days, Liu Deng made a group of "patrols" and had a lot of harvest.

"The village road in front of the house was damaged. Once it was reported, someone came to repair it immediately. Recently, the town and village cadres have been investigating more times, and the problems around us have become less visible to the naked eye." Grandpa Chen of Liangping Village said.

Since the work of "looking for promotion", all members of the party and government team of Huanghua Town, Changsha County have both "entered" the grassroots and "heart to" grassroots.Focusing on optimizing the business environment, rural rejuvenation, industrial development, environmental protection and other aspects, the "consultation and medicine", which not only solved the actual needs of grassroots development, but also won the recognition of residents.

"Combining the" four -bottom grassroots "system with the actual work of the town's current key tasks, so that the" front -line patrol 'truly helps the grassroots' division and health body', and the 'system' truly transformed into a helpDevice. "Liu Deng said.

A summary, comprehensively improved

"To summarize the problem, the group strategies strive to solve, and promote development with actual work."

What is the results of the half -month survey?What situations need to follow up?How to rectify the difficult point?At the expansion of the party committee of the work of "Going to Find" recently, everyone discussed the results of the investigation.At the meeting, the four working groups set up problems, insufficient exposure, shortcomings, thinking, thinking, and setting measures, and tailoring in 19 villages (communities) to make a targeted improvement opinion.

The cadres of the two committees of the organization of the village (residential) held a meeting meeting to understand the situation and recorded in the book.Yellow flowers are powerful, orderly and effective.

"Villages (communities) must unswervingly follow the general requirements of" learning thoughts, strong party spirit, remembered practice, and new merits', actively solve problems, issue topics, tighten ideas, move quickly, and further strengthen the village branch two.The cohesion of the committee, the implementation of the implementation of the decision -making and deployment of the superiors, the "sprinting four quarters, and the decisive year 'action to ensure that the survey has achieved significant results, and the work of work throughout the year is successfully ended." Zhang Hui pointed out that in the next stage, the town party committee and government will beClassification and rectification requirements of the problem list and rectification requirements are summarized and rectified to form a rectification letter.