Former Prime Minister of Pakistan: Agree to summon the former military leader and American officials during the trial

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Former Pakistan,实时新闻 former Prime Minister of Pakistan, promised on Monday (December 4) that he could summon the country's former military heads and representatives of the US embassy in the trial he was suspected of leaking national secrets.

This statement issued this statement in a hearing held in a prison building near Islamabad in Islamabad. The federal government set up a special exclusive judge court on the grounds of "serious security risks". According to the "official secret confidentiality"The Fa "tried the popular 71 -year -old politician.

The prison authorities allow six local media reporters to participate in the procedures of Monday, but at the same time banned foreign media from participating; this violated the Federal Court's recent orders for the public and the media.

"I listed General Barja and officials from the US Embassy as witnesses. Barjawa was done in accordance with the instructions of Donald Lu," Emran Khan told the judge.

He mentioned that Qamar Javed Bajwa, the former commander of Pakistan, and Kamar Javed Bajwa, and the US Secretary of State Lu Yaqiao, the assistant Secretary of State of the South Asian and Central Asian Affairs Bureau.

Emran Khan's lawyer later confirmed his statement and explained that as the trial was proceeded, the court would formally submit to the court to call the representatives of Bayawa and the American Embassy.

The member of Emran Khan's legal team, Intazar Hussain Panjutha, said that "only one group of reporters" were allowed to report these litigation procedures "in the name of open court trials".He condemned the authorities for not allowing international media including VOA and BBC to attend hearing.

"According to any legal definition, this is not a public trial. We don't believe that we will get a fair trial under the current circumstances," Pan Zhuta told the Voice of America.

Emran Khan is expected to be sued when the court reopened on December 12.His allegations originated from a secret Pakistan Foreign Diplomacy Telegraph in March 2022. The telegram was said to record the help of the United States with the help of Badawa, then the commander of the Army, and overturned him after a month after the parliament was not trusted.The role played by the government.

The former Prime Minister was accused of leaking the content of the password to the public to prevent parliament motion and obtaining political points.The politician of the cricket star refuted the allegations, saying that this was a strategy to prevent him from re -control.

The US news media The Intercept first announced the text that is said to be the password in August.

The text was written by the then Islamabad Ambassador to Washington, Asad Majeed Khan.It is said that the document quoted Lu Yaqiao as saying that diplomats asked the Pakistani military leadership to dismiss Emran Khan through Parliament's motion, because his government kept neutral in the Ukrainian war.

It is said that Lu Yaqiao threatened that if Emran Khan continues to be in power, the United States will beolate Pakistan internationally internationally.

On the day of Putin's war, the fired prime minister was a formal meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.Imlan Khan defended this state -of -the -art interview, saying that this was the result of the weeks, which was purely coincidental with the outbreak time of the conflict.

When the U.S. State Department commented on the content of the password, Washington opposed Imlan Khan's visit to Russia, but it had nothing to do with him.

The Pakistani military has denied any involvement with Emran Khan's steps down, but since Pakistan has been separated from British independence in 1947, the Pakistani military has been directly ruled or supervised the election government.

In October, Emran Khan and his former foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, was sued in a controversial closed -door judicial procedure held in prison.Last month, the higher court withdrew the legal procedure of closed -door litigation, ordering the authorities to conduct fair and public trials in accordance with the constitutional requirements.

In early August, Emran Khan was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison for illegally selling national gifts he received from 2018 to 2022.He denied improper behavior.The federal court later suspended the verdict and approved the bail, but the authorities refused to let him go out of the prison on the grounds of a password telegram case.

This nuclear military country with a population of about 241 million people is scheduled to hold a national election on February 8. It is expected that voting will help ending Pakistan's lingering political turbulence after Emran Khan stepped down.

Unless the court was overturned, his conviction in the corruption case would continue to prevent him from participating in the election.Critics suspect whether the election that Emran Khan's participation can bring this South Asian country's urgent political stability in order to cope with its severe economic challenges.

Imlan Khan "dispelled (with the military) to reach an agreement to find a possibility of easy release of prison." His political party quoted his words to reporters on Monday's court lawsuits.

"He believes that he will eventually succeed and ask his basic voters to call for changes through a large number of votes," the party's statement said.