The entire department is 2.5T+10AT, the sports version of "Kia K5" is made in China next year, performance is more than Audi A7!

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Themoment information strongest Asia strikes!According to news, in order to enhance the competitiveness of Kia in the domestic market, the Kia K5 Sports Edition is expected to be officially produced next year.It is reported that this car will introduce the original version, that is, a combination of 2.5T+10AT synchronized with the overseas version in terms of power.The price is expected to be around 250,000.Of course, the specific news is subject to official news.

Let's take a brief understanding of the specific design of this car, saying that it is the sports version of the K5. In fact, it is not obviously different from the traditional K5 except for sports surrounds.Of course, there are still changes in details.For example, compared with the ordinary version, the front bumper of this car uses two metal decorative strips. In terms of headlights, the sports version of the K5 has been upgraded to the LED light source, with a large -size black air intake grille and a new modeling light group above.Bring better recognition.

The official has not exposed the size of this car, but it is definitely longer than the conventional version. After all, it has increased sports surround!The specific details have not changed significantly, and the penetrating waistline is still accompanied by a certain arc with the entire body.In order to better highlight its sports version, the K5 of the sports version is also equipped with 20 -inch wheels. In addition, the exclusive sports calipers blessing brings a strong combat atmosphere.At the rear of the car, the bulging tail has exceeded the category of "duckling brailies". Tridential taillights are sublimated on the original basis.In addition, the subsequent surround is more three -dimensional, retaining bilateral exhaust.

In fact, the interior has not changed significantly. It still uses a double 12.3 -inch LCD screen, and the joint screen design is also used. Most physical buttons in the car are also canceled.The new vehicle system can support the functions of OTA upgrades, remote control, fingerprint verification, and online music.The difference from the ordinary version is that the K5 of the sports version uses wine red color matching, and the sewing processing between the leather is just right.