The old name falls and the new nobles are full: 2023 The fitness sports market is diversified

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  Author: Liu Xiaoying

  [Zhang Yuansheng told reporters that,爆料资讯 since the product was listed for more than 3 years, despite the external environmental challenges such as epidemic conditions, the company's sales have always been "going up.""It is a hedge for us in 2022. The demand for our products is very high, because everyone can't go anywhere. But the situation that happens at the same time is that the product can not be delivered. So this is what I call the hedging hedging, Demand is very strong, but there are problems with logistics. "]

  In 2023, the enthusiasm of people's outbound activities was high, but the fitness person Wang Jiayi's family closed.

  This Wales has been in the opening for a few years. At the beginning of last year, she worked for activities. She had an annual card. Soon after, she was persuaded by private education in the gym and spent tens of thousands of yuan to recharge private education courses.There were more than half of the course left, but Wells closed.She sent a WeChat to the coach what to do?Coach replied: I haven't got salary for several months. How can I get this lesson?

  On the one hand, the old large -scale chain gym has a business problem. On the other hand, the fitness track is still hot. The rising show like music is accelerated to expand the expansion.It was also this year that international sporting goods company Nike, Adidas, Skyli, Puma, etc. also reiterated this year to be optimistic about the Chinese market and increase various investment.In addition, after camping, flying, and skiing, niche sports such as Porknipons, Patsses, Rock Climbing have risen, and gradually become popular in the crowd.

  This market is still lively.The first financial reporter recently interviewed a number of industry practitioners. They were still optimistic about the fitness sports track. They believed that during the year of 2023, although the consumption growth of some traditional shoes and clothing may be a bit weak, other emerging projects have risen.The opportunity has always been there.

  The old name fell, the new noble was full

  Wales near Wang Jiayi's house is not a case.This fitness chain, founded in 1996, is one of the most representative head institutions in the old Chinese chain gym.In the first half of this year, there have been news from many Wales in Shanghai, and this has spread to the whole country.In the past two months, some people have broke the news on social media. Wales, located in Beijing and Chengdu, closed the door and closed, which caused thousands of consumers to use thousands of yuan in membership cards.

  Prior to this, more than 100 stores across the country were closed due to difficulty in operating difficulties.In addition, Sanskrit Yoga and One Military Wade have been exposed to encountering the problem of tightness and poor management of the capital chain.

  These fitness venues have long -term prepaid models.On the other hand, Guigui rose rapidly this year.People will find that "small and beautiful" music and super orangutan are more.Super orangutan provides a recharge staircase ranging from 288 yuan to 5,000 yuan. The official website clearly indicates that "paying for the next paid, no annual card, professional coach, no sales".Lede is a business model that is positioned monthly. It is unlimited and unlimited. It is open 24 hours.

  Jumping out of the prepaid card mode, the two brands that adopt a flexible payment mechanism seem to be more sought after by the light people today.In August of this year, the Lejimon Movement announced that it will sprint to 10,000 stores in the next 5 years through the brand matrix.

  Is there such a large market capacity in China?At least, I intend to open 10,000 music carved people.At the beginning of December, Lejian pioneered a sub -brand called Lightning Panda, and decided to use it to fill the gap in the sinking market.

  Regarding the characteristics of sinking market fitness people, Wang Pengzhi, the head of Lightning Panda, said: "According to the cognition of the carving in the first, second -tier cities and super first -tier cities, the fitness people are basically young people, love beauty and health.They are rich and leisure, and their disposable time and income will be more than first -tier cities. "

  Zhang Yuansheng, co -founder of Fiture, told First Financial that the earliest number of customers who purchased the Fiture Magic Mirror came from a considerable number of remote areas such as Yinchuan, Xinjiang, and Qinghai."Originally, we thought this was a product of front -line white -collar women. As a result, our products were just listed and soon sold more than 300 counties and cities in China. Then we are very strange. Why do they need this product?"

  He asked his market manager to find users to understand that the magic mirror users in low -level cities hope to obtain professional sports courses and top coaches through products such as Figure smart fitness mirrors -this is for themVery scarce resources.Through Fiture, they can enjoy the same curriculum content and intelligent interactive hardware as the first -tier cities."There is no problem in transportation. As long as there is the Internet, WiFi is enough."

  Zhang Yuansheng believes that the old chain closing shop cannot say that the entire industry or the market will not work.In fact, more and more Chinese people are joining the ranks of fitness exercise, even during the epidemic, people are still exercising.

  In the past three years, due to the inconvenience of travel during the epidemic, online fitness has been hot.This also brought a group of emerging startups, such as Fiture.In October 2020, Fitch's fitness magic mirror was officially launched.So far, Fiture has obtained a total of 400 million US dollars from well -known domestic and foreign institutions such as Sequoia, Tencent, Jinsha River Capital, Junlian Capital, Weilai Capital, All -Star Capital, Coatue and other well -known domestic and foreign institutions.

  Zhang Yuansheng told reporters that since the product has been listed for more than 3 years, although the external environment challenges such as epidemic situation have been encountered on the way, the company's sales have always been "going up.""It is a hedge for us in 2022. The demand for our products is very high, because everyone can't go anywhere. But the situation that happens at the same time is that the product can not be delivered. So this is what I call the hedging hedgingThe demand is very strong, but there is a problem with the logistics. "He added, but from the final result, the results after the two rounds of hedging were good.

  A report from iResearch predicts that with the advent of new categories such as smart fitness mirrors, the home fitness needs of Chinese families will be deeply excavated.With the richness of the content of intelligent fitness hardware courses and the characteristics of intelligent interaction, the penetration rate of intelligent fitness hardware in Chinese families is expected to grow rapidly.The compound growth rate from 2021 to 2025 is expected to reach approximately 46%, and in 2025, it will exceed about 82 billion yuan.

  Zhang Yuansheng believes that in the future, sports fitness projects will only be more popular and wider in China.It's just that people who want to exercise fitness can choose more scenes and ways now.With the convenience and freedom of travel, people can choose offline professional centers or outdoor, or they can also exercise at home.This means that as long as the track is cultivated, the newcomers will also have the opportunity to win the market and consumers.

  However, he emphasized to reporters that you can't see the offline and offline section. You can only think that the lifestyle of modern people is more flexible, and more and more people have developed fitness habits., Choose different sports locations and methods, you can only say that there are more advantages online, because you can start anytime, anywhere.

  Niche sports rise

  For practitioners, competition is becoming more and more intense.In 2023, some niche movements, including camping, flying tray, land surfing and other projects, quickly caught fire and quickly cooled down.

  At the end of March this year, Chen Yue, a member of the Flying Disciplinary Committee of the China Extreme Sports Association and the head of the HUCK Flying Disk Club, said in an interview with the media that the popularity of the flying topic is decreasing and the number of early adopters is also decreasing.

  But other sports have become a new trend this year.

  Huang Chunxiang, vice president of Orange Lion Sports, noticed that some emerging social movements, such as Peak, paddle boards, and climbing obviously improving.In emerging sport, Huang Chunxiang found that Peak has the potential for commercialization of commercialization.He found in a market research that compared with the flying tray, Peak's supporting equipment is more suitable for commercial development, the market size is larger, and there are successful cases in the US market in the origin of the origin.

  The Picker has been determined to be the performance project of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.According to data from the Peak Professional Association (APP) in 2022, there are currently about 36.5 million Piccoon players in the United States.The Peak racket market size reached US $ 152.8 million in 2021, and it is expected that by 2028, it will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.7%.

  Sports merchants also smelled this segment business opportunity.Sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Skecker have launched special Peak equipment.

  Driven by national fitness, exercise is becoming a living habit and lifestyle of the people.

  The country's favorable policies for supporting the development of the fitness industry are frequent, and the "National Fitness Plan (2021-2025)" requires that by 2025, the total scale of the national sports industry will reach 5 trillion yuan;, Further determine the main goals of the development of the sports industry: the total scale of the sports industry will reach 5 trillion yuan by 2025, the value -added accounted for 2%of the total domestic product value, and the total size of the residents exceeds 2.8 trillion yuan.More than 8 million people.

  Data from Tianyan Check shows that there are more than 11 million existing enterprises with sports. Among them, more than 2.115 million newly registered enterprises were added in the first half of 2023, an increase of 81.3%compared with the same period in 2022.

  Many people in the industry believe that when the country's per capita GDP exceeds $ 10,000, the sports industry will usher in a big explosion, and people's acceptance of non -traditional sports activities will increase significantly.The popularity of sports such as flying disks, land surfing, and Peak balls is in line with the laws of industrial development. It can be regarded as a product of income levels and consumption upgrades. Sports demand gradually diversified and personalized.