The Provincial Sports Bureau's Workers' Games is successfully held in the physical test of the relay race

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Original Title: The实时新闻 Personal Games of the Provincial Sports Bureau ’s physical fitness competition is successfully held

On December 12, 2023, the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau's 2023 employee movement's physical fitness test relay race was successfully launched at the National Community Sports Health Center of the Hongshan Sports Center. A total of 13 participating teams participated in the event.Liu Wang, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau, watched the game and cheered for the athletes.

After a day of fierce competition,Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau Water Sports Management CenterThe team stood out in the game and won the championship of this competition.Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau Aviation Sports Management CenterThe team won the runner -up,Tennis Management Center of Hubei Provincial Sports BureauThe team won the third place.

First place: Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau Water Sports Management Center

Second place: Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau Aviation Sports Management Center

Third place: Tennis Management Center of Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau

This tournament includes 4 individuals such as back -running, balanced waveball, vertical jumping obstacles, and leggings.The relay project mainly evaluates the explosive power, balance and coordination ability, and bouncing power of the body.The physical testing of the community sports health center can more comprehensively reflect the comprehensive physical fitness and partial sports ability of the tester, and conduct corresponding physical exercise according to the test results, which can more accurately improve physical fitness and achieve scientific fitness.

【Competition venue】

【Physical Test Relay Project】

【Physical Detection Project】

At the game scene, the audience was enthusiastic, cheering for the contestants, the players were facing fierce competition. Each round of competition was full of passion and nervousness, and each victory was accompanied by the cheers and excitement of the audience.During the competition, everyone worked together and raced against time.

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    This competition has attracted many employees in the bureau to participate in it. Not only is everyone full of vitality and passion, it also reflects the pursuit of teamwork and hard work.It also fully demonstrated the unity and cooperation of cadres and employees of the Sports Bureau, and further enhanced the team's centripetal force and cohesion.

    This time, the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau's "Popularization of National Fitness and Creating a Beautiful Life" theme employee sports meeting was intended to enhance the physical fitness and fitness awareness of cadres and employees of the bureau, promote the development of good living habits, lead national fitness activities, and effectively play scientific fitness.Promote the positive role of physical and mental health.The Community Sports Health Center is based on the advantages of the Hongshan Sports Center, venue advantages and service advantages to practice the concept of "scientific movement, promoting health", help build Wuhan's national fitness public service system, and provide physical monitoring and fitness guidance for various types of people., Sports such as exercise rehabilitation, chronic disease intervention, nutrition and science popularization.

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