The most qi and blood movement in winter!Do this every night to make yang qi and kidney qi full

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Hello everyone,独家资讯 I am Dr. Mi

After all, we boiled the last month of 2023.

Recalling this year, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, the virus is flooding one after another. Like the tranquility, is your immunity?

Whether it is a new crown, norerum flow, mycoplasma pneumonia, synthalvi virus.EssenceEssenceWe will find that in the same environment, some people have repeatedly recruited repeatedly, while some people have retreated the whole body of the candidate.

It is also infected. Some people can recover well in a day or two. Some people need a week, and some people are even twenty days;

Some people can heal themselves without having to take medicine, and some people are seriously hospitalized.

Many people in the clinic asked me: "Dr. Mi, I rarely got sick before. Since the sun this year, I got a flu later, and then my body was inexplicably urticaria. What's going on?"

"Every time in the peak infection, our children will be recruited, and they will get sick and fever once a month."

There are many problems such as this,Because after each infection, we are significantly weakening our immune function.

Like the new crowns at the beginning of the year, many people have the "long new crown sequelae", which is the virus residual in the body, which leads to long -term damage to the individual's immune system and reduces immune function.

Therefore, I do n’t want to recur my illness repeatedly. It ’s not that I’ ll think of it. I ’ll find a way to“ bean paste ”.

The key is to improve autoimmunity, that is, the "protective cover" that protects the human body from invasion of disease.

However, after winter, it is another great test for our immunity.The yang qi is hidden in the yin, and the winter is corresponding to the kidneys. The cold climate is the most likely to damage the yang of the kidney.

Therefore, the key to improving immunity in winter is to keep our yang.

And in the day, there will also be a "immune loophole period", which is the period of sleeping.

Sleeping is the stage of yang into yin. "The yang enters the yin, and the yang is out of the yin." Sleeping is also an important time for self -repair of various organs of the body.

If you do n’t sleep because of various problems such as work and emotions, then yang can not converge well. Qi and blood and essence are being consumed.

People who want to stay up late are often in a state of fatigue.The so -called "five labor", heart labor and blood damage, liver damage, spleen labor damage, lung labor damage, kidney labor and damage, laid the root cause of many diseases.

The ancients said, "Take medicine, it is better to be alone."Avenue is simple, and the best exercise of qi and blood is actually "sleeping fiercely."

And how to repair the "immune vulnerability" most?

Doing this movement when sleeping can soothe the gods, converge yang qi, nourish kidney qi, strong constitution, and improve immunity.

This set of action is to return to the sun, and the practice is very simple!

1. The body is naturally lying flat, the hip joint is relaxed, the legs are curved, the knees are opened outward, the feet are opposite, the heel is facing the perineal point;

2. Put your palms near the root of the thighs, your palms towards the abdomen, the tongue is against the palate and the bridge;

3. Close your eyes slightly, meditate in your heart, take a deep breath with your nose, and bring your qi to the lower abdomen to the back waist;

4. Slowly exhale, excrete the turbid gas in the body;

5. You can rub the abdomen 100 times with clockwise and counterclockwise;

6. Just start to practice for 5 ~ 10 minutes per night, and then gradually grow to 30 minutes.

Recently, this action is very out of circle. In the movie "Fengshen", when the prince Yin Jiao broke into the star building at night, he was sleeping.

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Many people think that this posture is strange, but in fact, this is the reference to return to the sun.

Because Ji Ji is a fox demon, you must rely on collecting yang to maintain cultivation.

Although the myths are fabricated, the essence of the yang is really full of our yang and kidney qi.

It depends on whether a person is healthy and whether the vitality is strong. The key depends on whether the yang of the life door is sufficient, and the life door is closely connected with the kidneys.

First,Relative to this movement of both heels and feet, it can form a cycle to connect the foot Shaoyin kidney meridian.

second,On both knees, it can stretch to the inside of the thighs, which has a dredging role in the meridians of the lower limbs. Especially here is the line of liver meridian and kidney meridians.

Liver hiding blood soul, sparse liver qi can relieve the depression in the heart, nourishing liver and blood can improve sleep and help bright eyes.

The kidneys are congenital, and the kidney is sufficient, which can help improve people's immunity and resistance.

third,Putting the position of the Renmai Shenxiong acupoint in both hands. This position is in the navel. It is the tightening of true qi. The root of life can warm up Yuanyang.

fourth,By rubbing the movement, the gastrointestinal tract can be promoted, because the intestine is the largest immune organs in the body. There are a large number of immune cells in it, which can effectively remove foreign foreign body viruses.

fifth,By opening the shoulder and neck and chest, you can also improve your body gas.If you feel that your feet and back waist are fever, then the manifestation of qi and blood starts to circulate, and leading the ups and downs of qi and blood can also improve the problem of upset insomnia.

Returning to the sun is the total switch of qi and blood in the whole body.

Especially in winter, if you are usually easy to get angry, irritable, and difficult to fall asleep, but your hands and feet are cold, cold, soft waist and knees, cold abdominal pain, frequent urination, irregular menstruation, etc.

Before going to bed every night, you can try to return to the sun to help promoting blood circulation and stasis, circulating qi and blood, and warming up.

If you feel good after one month of practice, you can try its advanced version -mixed element.

The lower limb posture is the same as returning to the sun. The difference is that there are two hands overlap or cross -finger cross, and the palm of the hand is covered with Baizhong points above the head.

Baihui acupoint is on the head, and the head is "the first of Zhuyang, the ancestors of the hundred pulses", which is where all yang gas converges.The blood of the essence of the five internal organs and the Qing Dynasty of the Qing Dynasty are betting on the head.

Baihui acupoint is in the middle of the head, as the highest point of the human body, it is where the meridians will gather.

Therefore, covering the palm of Lao Gong acupoint on the top of the head of the Baihui acupoint to pass the temperature, and you will feel that there is a warm current over the head, and your feet are connected., Also improve sleep.

However, it should be noted that these two actions are not suitable for everyone.

1. If it is yin deficiency, or children with plenty of yang and adolescents are not suitable.

2. Pregnant women and people with too much menstrual flow are not suitable;

3. If the body is harder or hip pain, you should do force, beware of the heartbroken, don't take too long.

You can also drink solid cream directly to help regulate the qi of the lung guard. It can not only improve the problem of allergic rhinitis, cough, and frequent colds. As a prevention, it can improve physical fitness and enhance resistance.

Again: "Medicine is worse than food supplement, and food supplement is not as good as consciousness."

Successful yang is the necessary condition for the strong immunity. Add another layer of "immune cover" to the body. Let's start with sleeping well!