The first National Peak Gas Grand Prix ended, and this expo company brought the niche movement to the public

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Speaking of a Peak, what do you think of?

Is it a happy shot on the green field or the youthful vitality of the social platform overflowing the screen.

"Fast, low exercise, and friendly to novices." This is the consensus of digital enthusiasts interviewed by reporters.Therefore, starting this spring, the Peak ball has gradually replaced the flying tray in China.The new trend of this movement is also gradually developing towards professional events and is included in the Paris Olympic Games performance project in 2024.A few days ago, the 2023 Sky Package National Grand Prix Finals kicked off.After two consecutive days of fierce competition, the promotion players and foreign card players from Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Suzhou and other stations were finally won by Chen Han and Huang Wei.

As the first National Peak Grand Prix, the game has established a standardized, large -scale, and professional promotion system through the "sub -station+finals" model.Since the start of the city branch on November 5th, this event has brought together a Peak ball enthusiasts from 300 at the age of 300 across the country to actively participate, comprehensively and three-dimensional unique charm of the Peak ball.The influence of this activity not only radiated many important node cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu, but also attracted more sports enthusiasts to pay attention to and participate in this emerging trend movement with the help of social media such as new media.The Peak Ball promotion process is new to the "engine".

"I have a tennis foundation. The threshold of Peak balls is lower. I will use my free time to get together with my friends to play, sweat, and the fatigue of a week is eliminated." The athletes on the field said.

Pyk ball is a fun and challenging movement. It integrates the elements of tennis, table tennis and badminton. It has the characteristics of technology and easy to master, easy to arrange venues, easy to solve equipment and equipment, low damage, high fun, etc.EssenceAs the young ethnic groups began to centralize the strong demand for diversified exercises, the interactive and natural Porkballs with strong interaction and naturally have tide and social attributes quickly became the trendy lifestyle of everyone to "grow grass".

How to better promote and popularize this sport and provide the exercise stage for "unable to sit"?At the 6th China International Import Expo this year, the Sikeci booth was transformed into a Peak Stadium, and athletes were welcomed to come to a higher than.At the same time, the new Pyk shoes VIPER COURT Pro also launched.

The company itself is also the main partner of the three major Professional Peak Alliance APPs, PPA, MLP, and official sporting goods sponsors of the International Picker.At the same time, the constructive efforts of continuously contributed to the launching promotion of Porkball for a long time, covering multiple dimensions such as professional sports equipment research and development, sports event organization, mass activities promotion, professional venue construction, and professional talent training.

In addition, the company built the first Piccoon center in China in Shanghai World Expo, bringing high -standard professional sports venues to Piccorus enthusiasts.EssenceCoupled with a series of mass promotion activities such as a Peak ball experience camp and a Peak ball trendy carnival held by the multi -party brands, this full age movement is continuously incorporated into the "door of the home".

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