Why is the red and embedded TV wall so "fragrant"?The reason is very simple to broadcast articles

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Author: Lao Luo Liao Home Furnishing

The时事热点 TV background wall is one of the most important decorative places in the family, so many friends are very concerned about its effects.

The embedded TV background wall is currently a more popular approach. After collecting the TV machine, the overall looks simple, fashionable, and generous!It is very suitable for the people's aesthetic requirements, so it is inevitable to become popular.

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In fact, the embedded TV background wall has already appeared in the family. At that time, only a more individual home, under the bold ideas of the designer.

Why suddenly become popular?

The reason why the embedded TV background wall is popular is as follows:

When the same thing can be very popular, then it must be the heart of consumers.With a simple and stylish temperament, the embedded TV wall makes people's eyes shine. In addition, the current design trend is also simple, so it can become popular.

Because the previous network was not so developed now, the embedded TV wall only appeared in individual families.

In fact, the home design is the same as "the world's articles". When the Internet has developed rapidly in recent years, many owners like to share their homes on some apps, so that more people can see the embedded TV background wall.

Is the embedded TV wall only suitable for use in modern minimalist style?In fact, it is not. The adjustment of materials and design can also be applied to the mainstream decoration style.

The noble and generous light luxury style with an internal TV wall is definitely the focus of the living room.As shown in the figure above, the protruding space is made into a storage cabinet, and a platform is used as a TV cabinet to use it to take care of the effect and practicality.

The simple and generous modern style is most suitable for embedded TV cabinets. As shown in the figure above, it is designed with different colors of plates into white and yellow yellow. It can not only highlight the effect of the TV cabinet, but also embellish the whole house.

The minimalist style pursues simple and not simple. As the white cabinet with the entire surface of the picture above, one to the top is simple and atmospheric, and only embed the TV's inside, the overall looks like a wall.

Don't look at it, it's just that the embedded type seems to be very simple, but it is often easy to make people make mistakes. When decorating, you must pay attention to the following two points:

The embedded size is the key to the entire design. Before the TV wall is done, you must determine the brand model of the TV in advance, and then get the three -dimensional size (long, high, thick size) of the TV, and then give the decoration company related to the decoration company relatedThe person in charge implemented the embedded size.

Considering that the TV is an electrical appliance, it will definitely generate calories when running.When doing an internal TV wall, you must do a good job of heat dissipation. If the heat dissipation effect is not good, it will be easily damaged.

The cooling design of the embedded TV wall is larger than the size of the embedded TV, and the heat can be dispersed through these places to achieve heat dissipation.

So the embedded size is more suitable than the TV size?

There is no standard answer, but at least the minimum size should not be less than 4 cm, that is, after hanging the TV, the distance from the side of the TV to 4 cm should not be less than 4 cm, because when installing the TV, you need to lift the TV and fix it on the TV.On the bracket, if the distance around is too small, you can't reach it in your hands. What do you talk about?

From the perspective of actual use and effect, it is recommended that this size stay 5 ~ 6 cm is the most ideal. Of course, this can be determined according to yourself. Some want to heat the heat dissipation better and can leave it more appropriately.

The reserved thickness size is the easiest place for embedded TVs to step on the pit. This thickness contains the thickness of the TV and the thickness of the installation bracket. Add the thickness of the reserved thickness.

Many friends are because the reserved thickness is insufficient, which causes the TV to protrude after hanging up, affecting the overall effect.The ideal effect is that the TV is hung by 1 ~ 2 cm or flat than the wall.

Generally reserved thickness suggestions are pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -.Because there are more size, you can adjust it by replacing the bracket or telescopic bracket; if the size is less, there is no way to remedy it. It can only accept protrusion or rectification.

The design of the embedded TV wall has been continuously optimized by the designers to meet the different needs of customers and derives a variety of TV walls.

The half -wall design of the embedded TV wall is suitable for use in different spaces, such as: living room and dining room, living room and tea hall, and so on.This can not only play a role in distinguishing the space, but also allows the space to not be too depressed, and the half -high wall allows the field of vision to be extended.

Nowadays, the concept of life pursues the storage of items, so that it can keep the family clean and hygienic for a long time. For families with strong storage needs, they can be made into a storage cabinet that is full of walls in addition to a TV machine.The next to the machine is made into an open frame and placed some decorations.

The embedded TV wall is separated horizontally into 4 parts, and then uses different colors to match to achieve the effect of fashion atmosphere.As shown in the design above, below is a long white rock plate TV cabinet, and then leave about 40 cm space to place things, and then there is a long black embedded design. In addition to the TV, it also has a shelf.Above is the white cabinet door for storage items.

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