The popularity of the two top ice events in Beijing is comparable to the athletes

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Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Wang Xiaoxiao

On December 10,breaking news the International Slipper World Falter Skating Finals and Short -Road Speed Skating World Cup Beijing Station ended at the same time.In the past month, five top ice and snow top events were held in Beijing, and a snow -and -snow feast was present again after the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Two Ice games this weekend attracted a large number of ice fans to watch the game.At the awards ceremony of the two events, the "Longdun" specially prepared by the organizing committee surprised the players.And the cute Longdundun has also become another "popularity" outside the star athletes. It is understood that during the short track World Cup, many audiences snatched "Longdun" at the franchise counter in the venue.It is up to 120,000 yuan.

At the same time, during the competition, the sales volume of the Capital Stadium and other catering and cultural and creative products in the Capital Stadium and the National Stadium also rose.The competition fully drives the sales of peripheral products, greatly promoted the consumption of ice and snow, and perfectly interpreted the connotation of the "sports+" high -quality integration and development of the "Sports+" in the post -Winter Olympics era.