STAVIAN Industrial Metal and FeCon signed a commercial cooperation agreement

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On the morning of December 27,Express information 2023, Stavian Industrial Metal Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Stavian Industrial Metal") -STavian Group member company and FECON Co., Ltd. (Fecon Group) signed a cooperation agreement.On behalf of both parties, Mr. Ruan Mingxiu, deputy chairman of Stavian Group and chairman of Stavian Industrial Metal, Mr. Fan Yueke, Chairman of FeCon Group, and leadership teams of the two companies.

The signing ceremony marks the important beginning of the comprehensive development of the cooperation between the two parties, involving multiple related fields such as investment buildings, raw material supply, logistics services, and finance.According to the agreement, Stavian Industrial Metal Corporation will give priority to supporting FECON to connect to construction projects invested by STAVIAN Group or its partners and member companies to ensure fair competition in prices and quality.In addition, Stavian Industrial Metal Corporation will promote cooperation with Fecon and Stavian Group to jointly invest and develop industrial zones, logistics centers and other infrastructure projects.

As a construction project and contract involved in the contractor, FECON will prioritize the use of steel and metal products provided by Stavian industrial metals, which are also fair competition based on price and quality.The two sides also expressed their willingness to work together, find opportunities for cooperation, promote the products with each other, and appreciate the customer ecosystems of both parties.

This agreement is expected to improve the competitiveness of both parties and open up new potential for business and investment development.This is also an opportunity for the two companies to learn from each other, improve their ability and experience, give full play to their respective advantages, and develop the foundation for new customers and market development.