The best health of adults: low internal consumption, diligent exercise, reading more

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Author: Lu Xiaozhu (Author of Fu Shu)

Seeing such a sentence,frontline information warmth and power: "The early winter warm the sun, all things, the years of agarwood, soak a pot of Chenpi, let the warmth meet you unexpectedly."

In the winter of "healthy fever", in the warm sun, soak a pot of Chenpi and enjoy the years quietly. How many people are chasing.

But some of our people's lifestyles were in the office during the day. They looked up and couldn't see the sun.

The word "health" seems to be important, but feels far from us.

We have neither time, no energy, and no money to put health on the agenda.

actually not.

Many methods of health care are actually low cost and effective.Today, I will share with you three low -cost health methods.

Low internal consumption, nourishing qi

What is the best health?

The opening of the "Yellow Emperor's Canon" gave us the answer: "Tranquility and nothingness, true qi, spiritual inside, sickness always?"

It means that human spirit is tranquil, emotional, and mentally observed without dissipation. How can diseases come?

The best health is actually nourishing the heart, nourishing gas, and staying away from internal consumption.

As we all know, Zeng Guofan is a person with a high demand for himself.

From Zeng Guofan's diary, it is not difficult to find that in the early days he wanted to be a sage and was particularly ruthless to himself.

Once you find your own problems, you blame yourself, and even scold yourself "not the sage, it is a beast."

But how can you "accumulate soil into a mountain, non -Sride's work", how can you make one step in place?

So he was caught in the mental internal consumption, feeling anxious, depressed, and was tired.

Later, he gradually realized that he could not continue like this and started to reflect.

I feel that it is because of the over -concern for a moment of gains and losses, repeated self -blame, and energy consumed on self -blame.

He encouraged himself: "Things come in response, not in the future, not mixed at that time, but not in love."

He stopped internal consumption, rising all the way, becoming half a saint in China.

The power of people's hearts is huge. Only by reconciled with your heart can you stop internal consumption and continue to move forward.

But as Wang Yangming said: "The thieves in the mountains are easy, and it is difficult to break the thief in my heart."

What is the most difficult to control is the inner heart that you want everything.

I have seen some netizens sharing their own stories and said that she has a 50 -year -old Chinese medicine friend who always tells her: "Life must grasp the size and small, don't care about everything."

When a Chinese medicine friend was young, he wanted to make his work well and want to make life high quality. In addition, he also wanted to adjust his husband and children well.

So while in the unit, he was so busy that he wanted to decorate the house, and he had to entangle the trivial matters at home.

Her state became poor and her complexion became worse and worse.

She knows that she is too much worry and think too much, excessive internal consumption, resulting in insufficient energy, losing losses.

Later, she just cares about two things, her work and their children's studies.

The house decoration is given to her husband. Anyway, the house is a place to sleep and rest. She no longer entangle the details and no longer pursue perfection.

Now, she often smiles with a calm smile. After making health tea every day, she patiently sees 40 patients.

The famous doctor Zhu Danxi emphasized in "Gezhi Yu Theory": "If the heart is moving, the fire is also moving, and the movement will go."

The heart is less hindered, and there is no internal consumption, which is the real nourishing qi and blood, real health.

Diligence, nourishment

The old saying goes: "The activity has a square, and the five internal organs are self -harmonious."

Frequent exercise, health, vitality, good body and mind.

Mr. Qian Mu, the last master of Chinese studies in China, his grandfather was 37 years old. His father lived to 41 years old, and his elder brother died early.

But he lived to 96 -year -old high -life, and his wonderful tricks were exercise and exercise.

He played Tai Chi for ten years every day and never stopped.

Taijiquan allows his nerves to relax and feel physically and mentally.

This gives him immunity, while resisting the disease, but also calmed his heart, he was physically and mentally raised, and he was able to live high.

"Zeng Guangxianwen" said: "I'm afraid of not moving, the brain is afraid."

Most people who are healthy and longevity are inseparable from exercise.

Danman has done a survey and found that people who often jogging exercise are 5 to 6 years longer than those who do not jog.

Most of the life of exercise will not be too bad.

French thinker Voltaire was predicted for 4 days when he was born.

His life was fighting against the disease, but he lived 84 years old.

He likes all kinds of sports, riding, running, swimming, fencing, at the age of 80, he also climbed to the sun with his friends.

He once said, "Life lies in exercise."

He verified the correctness of this sentence with his life.

Some time ago, I saw a picture of a friend in the circle of friends, thinking of her experience.

She was very busy. She often went to work, and she had to take the laptop home and work overtime until late at night.

Sometimes after finishing the work, I found that it was only 20 minutes to go to work, so I wiped out and went out.

At that time, she said that she was almost bald and her body was getting worse.

In 2017, she began to run with others.

From 2 kilometers, it is basically ten kilometers every time, and running a few half horses a year.

Her body shape returned to the high thinness of the student period, and the medical examination indicators no longer had arrows.

For Benwu's age, this is rare.

She said: "Sports make me healthy, make me happy, and use exercise to health in life is advanced."

Her experience made me have to face a reality: the time of exercise was squeezed out.

Yes, many times, we always make excuses for ourselves, so busy, how can we have time?

However, some people do not use the weather to do flat support at home when it rains;

Some people do not do the next class late, and get up at 4:30 to practice yoga;

Some people do not take time without time, traveling always walks, and never take the elevator;

Some people do not want to look at the baby. After the child sleeps, rope skipping rope in the staircase.

how about you?

What reason do you refuse to move your body?

Tagore once said: "Static dying, only exercise can knock on the door of eternal life."

So start action!

after all,Only a healthy body can let us get out of the mud and enter the dream countryEssence

Read more, nourish the brain

Have you gone through such a "large face -to -face scene"?

When we were young, parents and teachers often advised us to read more.

I often hear: "Child, read more books, long brains!"

We were disdainful at the time: When I was a three -year -old child, who did I get?I just want to lie to me.

But after going through too much, I found out that it was true that the reading principal's mind was true.

According to records, Confucius's student Min Zizheng, when he first came to vita, looked like a head of his head and his face.

But after a period of time, his face changed, and his complexion became rosy and refreshed.

Confucius was strange and asked him what he changed.

It turned out that after Min Zizheng came, he read books daily.

Because of his reading, he began to distinguish between right and wrong, knowing beauty and ugliness, and calmness, and after growing wisdom, his face also changed his face.

The literati of the Qing Dynasty, Shen Fu, wrote in his notes "Sixth Notes of Floating Shengsheng": The people's hearts are commendable, but reading can be raised.

Good books are the crystallization of human wisdom. Reading them is to send nutrients to their brain.

When the brain is raised, life is opened.

It's like a generation of scholar Ji Xianlin.

He came from poverty, and he was hungry when he was a child.

No matter how the outside world changes, what kind of environment is in, he always makes a lot of scrolls.

This is the case during the period of office in Peking University. The years spent in a bullpen during a special period. There is no encounter that can let him put down the scroll in his hand.

The achievements from this also make many people unable to look back.

He is a master of Chinese studies, academic Thai Dou, and the only lifelong professor at Peking University.

He is proficient in English, Germany, Brahma, and Bali, and can read Russia and French, especially in the vomiting of Luowen. He is one of the only scholars in this language in the world.

Some people say that he is good at reading, diligent in reading, and reading.

Maybe, you want to say: I am studying, but it is not useful. My life has not become better, and I have not become smarter.

Here, I want to answer in a word from Fan Deng: "The cup of water is expensive."

Garum once said: "As long as I have been studying, I can always understand my pain, always with my ignorance, narrowness, prejudice, darkness, and seeing the tricks."

Reading is a lifetime. You will find more and more shortcomings in constantly reading, and you will also expand your cognitive circle in constant reading.

In the days of waiting, study hard and humble!

The roots are deeply raised, and in the future, there will be lush branches.

A friend operates an account of hundreds of thousands of fans. When talking about experience, he said, "I used to be like most people. I just had an account and even asked if I had to spend money to buy fans?"

A teacher's answer made him unforgettable for life: "You don't spend money to do bad things, spend money to buy fans, and your account will not get up."

Yes, it's like health.

Many people understand:

As long as you reduce meaningless thoughts, you can reduce internal consumption and maintain good spirit;

As long as you go out and exercise, you can raise your body;

As long as you read more, you can slowly improve your cognition and raise your mind.

But I just do n’t want to act, spend money to get fitness cards, buy various health products, and sign up for all kinds of blood -blooded courses.

As a result, there is almost no figure in the gym. All kinds of health products have expired, and I do n’t know what it looks like inside. The courses I bought are lying on the network disk, just occupying memory.

And you have not even bought psychological comfort.

Health is not so expensive.

The best health for adults, that is, exercise, reading, far from internal consumption.

May you be self -disciplined and cultivated, strengthen your body and mind, expand the pattern, and enhance the realm. Life is another scenery.