The competition drives the sports boom of China ice and snow economy to start a new development model

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  Short -track Speed Skating World Cup Beijing Station Liu Shaojin Gold Capital Gymnasium has poured into 10,火速资讯000 audiences for two consecutive days

  China's ice and snow economy starts a new development model

  Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Bai Zhibiao

  Yesterday, the three -day new season of the International Sliding Fortune Speed Speed Speed Speed on the World Cup ended. Liu Shaoang won the only gold medal for the Chinese team -the men's 1,000 -meter championship.The Capital Stadium has poured into 10,000 audiences for two consecutive days, and there are a large number of ice fans waiting outside the museum. It is to see the athletes who can see their favorite. People are enthusiastic about ice and snow sports.Entering December, with the opening of a concentrated opening on the snow farm from south to north, the country officially entered the Beijing Winter Olympics the first complete snow season.Compared with the past, the new snow season has shown a new development trend at multiple levels.

  Important promotion policy blessings

  It is another year of ice and snow season. The north of the Beijing Winter Olympics is the opportunity. The strategy of the ice and snow sports "South Exhibition West Expansion East" has continued to advance. my country's ice and snow sports facilities have continued to popularize and improve. The rapid development of the ice and snow industry.

  The ice and snow industry is not only an important part of my country's sports industry, but also an indispensable part of my country's economic development.According to the plan, the total scale of my country's ice and snow market in 2025 will exceed 10 billion yuan, which is expected to become my country's economic supply -side structural reform and new and old kinetic energy conversion emerging support points.To this end, before the arrival of the new snow season, relevant departments and local governments of various countries have introduced various support policies.

  Among them, at the end of October last year, the National Development and Reform Commission, together with the Five departments of the State General Administration of Sports, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Water Resources, and the State Forestry Bureau, officially released the "Promoting Outdoor Sports Facilities Construction and Service Promotion Action Plan (2023-2025)" "" "" "(2023-2025)" "" "" "" "" "It is particularly worthy of attention.

  This plan states that the layout of the ice and snow sports facility will be optimized, that is, continue to implement the strategy of "southern exhibitions to the east", creating the development layout of the ice and snow sports with Beijing, Tianjin -Hebei, and the north as the north.Facilities and supporting systems, enrich the functions of mountain movement, health vacation, leisure and entertainment, and build ice and snow sports highlands in Chongli, Jilin Changbai Mountain, Heilongjiang Yabuli, Xinjiang Altay and other places.Outdoor ice and snow sports facilities such as fields.

  At the same time, in accordance with the principle of "sports traction, cultural empowerment, tourism drive", the State Sports Administration, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, together with the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Beijing Municipal People's Government, Hebei Provincial People's Government, etc.Promoting the work mechanism, the "Jingzhang Sports Cultural Tourism Belt Construction Plan" was issued.

  Volkswagen ice and snow activities

  It is supported by relevant national policies to enter the new snow season this year, and various people's snow and snow activities are colorful.The General Office of the State Sports General Administration issued a notice that the 10th National Volkswagen Ice and Snow Season will be launched in December 2023 and continues until April 2024. It aims to show BeijingAfter the Winter Olympics, the new style of China Ice and Snow Sports has set off a new wave of participation in the ice and snow sports.

  In addition, the Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau held the launching ceremony of the 2023 Beijing Zhang Bingxue Cultural Tourism Season and the Beijing Zhang Sports Cultural Tourism Tourism Resources Promotion Conference.Ice and snow sports, Great Wall Ancient Road, Outdoor Leisure, Ecological Care, and Vacus on Sports and Cultural Tourism Belt are rich in cultural travel resources.In order to facilitate the majority of passengers to go to the ice and snow, the China Railway Beijing Bureau changed the level of the Beijing -Zhang high -speed rail 4 -to -vehicle train to high -speed EMU trains in the fourth quarter, and further strengthened its transportation capacity on the peak of passenger flow to meet passengers' travel needs.

  And Zhangjiakou also launched the 2023-2024 new snow season. Focusing on the three major sections of venue events, special activities, and ice tourism tourism, the eight major snow fields focused on the launch of the Xuexue Yuji Yu Snow Park, the snow and snow activities in the snow, and the Genting SKI music in the snow.More than 20 special snow farms such as Carnival, BURTON Snow Carnival, and the Second Snow Camping Festival.

  Of course, while Beijing Zhang has vigorously promoted the cultural tourism of ice and snow, based on Beijing and surrounding the important domestic ice and snow sports crowd, other areas with ice and snow advantage do not forget to "grab people" in Beijing.At the Xinjiang Winter Tourism Industry Expo and 2023 Xinjiang Hot Snow Festival, a press conference is selected to promote winter tourism resources throughout Xinjiang.

  The new favorite of the ice and snow in South China

  In the content of the "Optimization of Ice and Snow Sports Facilities" in the "Promoting Outdoor Sports Facilities Construction and Service Improvement Action Plan (2023-2025)" issued by the National Five State departments, it clearly refers to the synergy of the southern region in the southern region.In fact, ice and snow companies and ice and snow people in the south have become an important part of the ice and snow industry in my country.

  According to the data checked, the registration volume of the relevant enterprises related to the ice and snow sports in the past ten years has increased a significant growth trend as a whole.In 2020, 2021, and 2022, 3.36%, 32.66%, 6.37%to 1231, 1633, and 1737 were respectively increased respectively.In 2023, 1959 ice and snow sports related enterprises were added. Among them, 1,786 were added in October in the first October, a year -on -year increase of 24.90%.From the perspective of the area, there are 1195 ice and snow sports related companies in Hebei, ranking first, and 952 and 881 in Heilongjiang and Guangdong respectively, ranking among the top three.

  With the completion of the high -quality indoor ski resort in the south, the southern ski market has begun to rise. According to the e -commerce data, in the top five cities in the GMV consumption of skiing, in addition to Beijing, the southern cities have occupied 4 seats.Growth, such as Guangzhou Ski Consumption GMV, has achieved a year -on -year increase of 152.38%.According to Meituan data, since November, the number of related searches in Guangdong's "indoor skiing" increased by 295%year -on -year.According to the statistics of the snow farm, since the opening of this year, the total passenger flow of the hot snow miracle in Guangzhou has exceeded 3 million, 60%of which are from Guangdong Province, and many consumers from Hong Kong and Macao.

  At the same time, ski enthusiasts from the south have also appeared more and more in ski resorts in Chongli, Heilongjiang Yabuli, Jilin Beida Lake, etc. "South Passenger Bei Shang" has become the ice and snow economy in Northeast China, Xinjiang and other places in the winter of 2023Important source.Therefore, in early November this year, the Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism held a "Long Snow" Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Snow and Snow Promotion Conference in Shenzhen, and released the "2023-2024 New Snow Season Jilin Provincial Ice and Snow Policy".Since entering the snow season, Chongli has received 200,000 ski lovers, including many snow friends from Guangdong.According to the staff of the Genting Ski Park, although there are no statistics, there are no specific Guangdong snow friends, but the accommodation department has roughly improved from the rough statistics of the identity information in 2019.

  Innovate cross -zone snow farms smooth

  In early December, Zhangjiakou and Beijing jointly launched the "Beijing Zhangtong Slip Card".As a measure to implement the "Promotion Plan for the Construction of the Jingzhang Sports Cultural Tourism Belt", the issuance of the "Jingzhang Tong Smo Card" has achieved domestic cross -regional snow fields and smooth and smooth.Multiple snowfield skiing, deeply upgrade traditional ski sports consumption scenes, promote the interconnection of the skiing industry in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, promote the upgrading of ice and snow consumption in the masses, accelerate the construction of the Beijing -Zhang Dynasty sports cultural tourism belt, and further promote the coordinated development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei.

  According to reports, the series of slippery products launched in this snow season include Chongli Tongchang 2 -day coupon, Chongli Tongchang 3 -day coupon, and Beijing Zhang Tongchao 2 cards, 4 cards, 1+2 cards, etc.The product covers 11 snow farms in Chongli Wanlong Ski Resort, Genting Ski Resort, and National Alpine Ski Center, Yuyang Ski Resort, Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort, Huaibei Ski Resort.

  The official release time of "Jingzhang Tong Slip Card" is from January 1, 2024 to March 12, 2024.However, in order to allow the majority of ski enthusiasts to share benefits, the Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau and the Zhangjiakou Municipal Government will arrange subsidy funds to subsidize the pre -sale products from December 4, 2023 to December 31, 2023.The highest proportion of product subsidies will reach 30%.It can be seen that the release of the "Beijing Zhangtong Sliding Card" has greatly facilitated Snow Friends to ski in both places in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, but from the skiing experience, it will inevitably cause professional snow friends who are more pursuing snow quality."To Zhangjiakou, and the approach of subsidy funds also showed that this was also a" grabbing "action.

  The event drives skiing boom

  The use of the Olympic venue after the game is a worldwide problem, and China is making examples for the world.Over the past two years, Beijing and Zhangjiakou have worked hard to transform Winter Olympic resources into a bonus for long -term development and improve people's well -being of the people.From Beijing to Chongli, all the Winter Olympics venues have been effectively used after the game. In December, a number of international high -level ice and snow competitions were carried out using the Winter Olympics venues.

  The first thing to show the ice and snow fans was the International Snow Union Board and the Free -style ski jumping World Cup at the "Snow Flying Sky" venue last week.On -site stands are full of people, and people who do not buy tickets are looking for remote viewing around the field.

  Last week, the two world competitions of the International Sliding Federation were also held in Beijing at the same time, namely the Finals of the Frozen Skating Grand Prix and the Short -track Speed Skating World Cup. At the same timeIn Chongli, three international competitions concentrated, and the time coincides. Among them, short track speed skating and U -type venues include very popular players among Chinese ice and snow fans, such as Lin Xiaoyu, Liu's brothers, Gu Ailing, etc.

  The three events are carried out at the same time, so that ice and snow fans, including media choices, can only give up.However, even if the audience diversion occurs, the U -type venue World Cup and short track speed skating World Cup are still difficult to find.According to Xiao Wei, who rushed from Beijing to Chongli Genting Ski Park one day in advance, "Qualifications are 299 yuan and the finals are 499 yuan. I look forward to Gu Ailing's competition in July this year. Unfortunately, I only grabbed the qualification tickets.Can't buy it. "

  One ticket is difficult to find the short track speed skating World Cup in the Capital Gymnasium. It is reported that the ticket work was launched on November 13, and the enthusiasm of Bing Mi grabbing tickets was extremely enthusiastic.About half an hour after the invoicing, all the tickets on the weekend of the weekend were sold out, and even the front short track speed skating Olympic champion Wang Meng said that he would not go to the scene because he had no ticket.According to the relevant personnel of the event organizer, during the three -day game, 5,000 tickets were released every day, and the seat rate on the weekend was above 90%.