The neighboring children's neighbors "Hi Turn the Sky"

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On December 8th,breaking news the theme of "‘ Fun ’to enjoy the“ taste ’ -flavored movement” in Lintong District, Lintong District, launched the community children's fun sports meeting to enrich children's style.

This event has set up a number of projects such as group rope skipping, tug of war, magic turning, basketball relay, and balloon combat to test the comprehensive quality of children's speed, sensitivity, and coordination.Children living in the community actively participate in the competition with noon lunch break.

"Come on! Come on!" In the tug of war, the children held the hemp rope and tried their best to participate. Some small faces rose red, and some clenched their teeth.The crowds and children on the scene shouted and helped, and the scene was lively.The children moved, ran, and ran up, and they also laughed. While exercising, they could also win the prizes by winning the competition.

"Recently, the weather is cold and easy to get sick. The community organization fun sports meeting can not only exercise the body, but also relax, which is very meaningful. I hope that such sports will organize a lot of organizations." Many children participating in the event said.