The Jiangsu Provincial Health and Health Commission has dynamic "two maintenance" as the highest political principles as the highest political principles.

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On December 28, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee held a meeting to earnestly study the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the spirit of important instructions such as the recent important speech such as the Central Political Bureau's special democratic life meeting, conveying the spirit of the relevant meeting of the Central Committee, and studying our province's implementation measures.Xin Changxing, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting and spoke.

The meeting pointed out that the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's theme of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era is a major political task that runs through the year.General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Special Democratic Life Meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee has profound ideas and rich connotations, providing an important compliance for us to consolidate and expand the theme educational results, bring together the strong forces of the strong power of the country and the great cause of national rejuvenation.It is necessary to start from the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, drive party members and cadres at all levels of the province to conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the important speech of the General Secretary, firmly support the "two establishments", resolutely achieve "two maintenance", and consolidate the results of the theme education.The second batch of participating units should actively target the table, comprehensively sort out, check and make up for the recent work, and strictly organize and prepare for the special democratic life meeting and organizational life meeting to ensure a new and good effect of high -quality and good results.The first batch of participating units must further self -examination and self -reflection, and implement new progress and new results in promoting various tasks with problems.

The meeting emphasized that the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping in commemorating the 130th anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong's birthday for Comrade Mao Zedong, do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, strengthen historical self -confidence, grasp the historical initiative, and follow the direction of the general secretary.Modernization of Jiangsu's new practice has continued to move forward.

The meeting studied the important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping's work and the spirit of the Central Rural Work Conference.The general starting point, learning and using the experience of "10 million projects", to promote stable food for food, high -quality and efficient agriculture, rural areas, livable and industrial, farmers' wealth, and to accelerate the construction of a new era of fish and rice.

The meeting emphasized that after a magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred in Jishishan County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu, our province organized rescue forces and materials in a timely manner to help rescue and rescue in the affected areas.In the next step, we must conscientiously study the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, and in accordance with the requirements of the unified deployment of the central government, continue to assist in supporting partitions and brothers provinces to do a good job of earthquake resistance and disaster relief., Emergency drills, continuously enhance the province's earthquake prevention and disaster reduction capacity.

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the symposium of the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage protection, and pointed out that Jiangsu's cultural relics and cultural heritage are rich, and the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage must be studied., Respect, cherish the heart, correctly deal with major relationships such as protection and utilization, protection and development, protection and development, to prevent excessive development and constructive destruction, and explore new experience in building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation.

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the Symposium on the implementation of the "Fourth Grassroots" exchange symposium, and emphasized that the theme education is close to the finals.It is necessary to closely follow the main line of theme, persistently grasp the primary task of learning ideas, promote the normal and long -term effects of the "four bottoms", and become a conscious habit of practicing the mass line of party members and cadres, effective methods to carry out work, adhere to and develop the "Fengqiao experience in the new era", Focus on solving a group of key things that are about high -quality development, specific practical practical things for people's livelihood, and important difficulties in safe and stability.

The meeting also studied other matters.