The Guangzhou Outdoor Sports Festival Equestrian Open Dance Step Step Speaking

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  China News Service,breaking news Guangzhou, December 11 (Reporter Wang Jian) A total of 128 equestrian clubs and school teams from Guangzhou and Shenzhen.In the nine -time Guangzhou Outdoor Sports Festival Equestrian Open, competing for the championship, Asian, and third place seats of 7 competitions.

  Equestrian refers to the relevant skills of riding, driving and training horses to complete various prescribed actions.Equestrian sports came into being in the interaction of people and horses, and developed into a competitive sports.The dance steps are the right -handed ballet on the flat ground, the highest expression of horses training, and is considered the most artistic one in equestrian movement.

  In the fierce competition of dance steps on the first day, accompanied by the test of rainy days, the rider who moved forward was not afraid of the wind and rain, and finished the game smoothly.The venue obstacles are the perfect combination of courage, control and technical ability. The venue usually has 10 to 13 obstacles, mainly to test the proficiency of people and horses and the ability to quickly pass multiple obstacles according to the fixed route.Blaveing ability, choice of jumping opportunity and the rider's control of the rhythm of the game.

  After two days of competition, the awards of each project have been announced.Among them, Li Yaoyao won the junior and junior championship of the dressing dance steps; Xiang Yuchen won the third level of the dance steps, the venue obstacles 80cm-90cm contest champion;Won the championship of the venue obstacles; Huang Yijing won the venue obstacle of 60cm-70cm unilateral post championship.