Nearly 1.9 million netizens ended in the celebrities "Li Bai Cultural Season" to enter Li Bai's life

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In the mid -winter season,exclusive information the ginkgo on the streets of Chengdu had been golden. When the clear speech came out from the celebrity lecture hall, it added a bit of poetry to the midwinter.At this time, when you turn your eyes to the lecture site, you will find that you are crossing the time and space of history, and return to the Tang Dynasty.On December 13, the celebrity lecture hall "Li Bai Cultural Season" ushered in the end of the end. Professor and doctoral supervisor of Sichuan Normal University, Wang Hongxia, vice chairman of the China Li Bai Research Association, appeared in the lecture and led the audience into Li Bai's life.

Lecture site

Why do we like Li Bai?Regarding this issue, there may be a thousand answers in the hearts of a thousand people.Wang Hongxia started from this issue, revolving around Li Bai's literary works, read the text carefully, and led the audience to appreciate Li Bai's personality charm.In the lecture, Wang Hongxia started from four aspects: "anxious Li Bai", "decadent Li Bai", "lonely Li Bai", "Immortal Li Bai".Restore a deeper and multi -faceted Li Bai.

As one of the most familiar literary masters in the public, the topic of Li Bai is naturally attracted much attention in the Internet.On the same day, [Celebrity Lecture Hall 名 | Why do we like Li Bai?Looking at the charm of Li Bai's personality from literary works], the viewing volume of the cover news client has reached 1.18 million; at the same time, the live broadcast is also broadcast on the cover news Weibo, cover news video Weibo, mobile Baidu and other network platforms. The viewing volume is 61.1Ten thousand.According to data statistics, a total of 1.791 million views on the entire platform of the cover news.

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In addition, the live broadcast was broadcast on online platforms such as Sichuan View News, Sichuan Watch, and Sichuan release.Data show that the entire network's viewing volume reached 1.896 million.