The National Sports Bureau Training Bureau joined hands to show the domain, intelligent technology empower the national team athletes to prepare for war

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On December 12th,hot topic the National Sports Bureau Training Bureau and Xiuyu Intelligent Health Strategic Cooperation Signing Conference were held in Beijing.Zhou Qiurui, deputy director of the Training Bureau of the State General Administration of Sports, Li Xiaoning, founder of Xiudu Group, and former Chinese women's basketball athlete Zheng Haixia attended the meeting.

The meeting announced that Xiuyu Intelligent Health officially became a "Sports · Training Bureau sponsor", and Xiudu artificial intelligence physiotherapy robot became the national team athletes of the State General Administration of Sports Administration prepared for guarantee products. In the next four years, Xiuyu Intelligent Health will take technology as sportsRehabilitation services empower, through high standards, high -quality, and efficient rehabilitation physics therapy, escort the sports health of national athletes, and help the national team prepare for the Paris Olympic Games in the 2024th.

It is understood that the National Sports Bureau Training Bureau was established in 1951. It is the earliest and largest competitive sports training base in the history of New China. It is also the birthplace of Chinese Athletic Sports and the base camp of the Chinese Olympic Legion.As of the 31st Rio Olympic Games, the National Sports Bureau Training Bureau has trained a total of 210 athletes to receive 195 Olympic gold medals. The Olympic gold medal won by the training team accounted for 74 % of the Chinese Legion, which was called the "cradle of the champion" by the Chinese.

At present, the National Sports Bureau Training Bureau is responsible for the 13 national teams including badminton teams, weightlifting teams, table tennis teams, gymnastics teams, volleyball teams, pattern swimming teams, diving teams, swimming teams, track and field teams, etc. provide training and foodSuccess, Xing, Learning, Rehabilitation, Education and other all -round service guarantees help Chinese sports athletes in the world.

In preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, the National Sports Bureau Training Bureau has upgraded a new upgrade in rehabilitation medical services, signed cooperation with Xiuyu Intelligent Health to provide national team athletes with artificial intelligence rehabilitation physiotherapy services.At the signing, Zhou Qiurui, deputy director of the Training Bureau of the State General Administration of Sports, gave a cordial speech to highly evaluate the intelligent and health of Xiulian.She said: "Xiuyu Intelligent Health is the leading company in the country, bravely bear the mission of the times, helps 'health China', and always cares about national health. The state -owned property rights intelligent equipment independently developed with more professional pain sub -healthy conditioning for the peopleThe plan provides service after the health of the Chinese women's basketball team, providing post -match recovery services for many international marathon events. In the fields of sub -health conditioning, sports injury rehabilitation, etc.The Paris Olympic Games do a good job of guarantee. "

Former Chinese women's basketball athlete Zheng Haixia also said: "Xiulu began to sponsor and accompany the women's basketball team in 2019, and witnessed the women's basketball team from obscurity to today's Asian champion.The bureau, helping more high -level athletes to relax and recover, I am very happy for them ... Xiuyu provides more professional pain relaxation and recovery for the people across the country. It is really a very meaningful and valuable thing."

As a national enterprise, Xiuyu Intelligent Health pays attention to national health and cares about the development of national sports.Over the years, Xiudu Intelligent Health has used its own core technology advantages to actively provide precise, safe and efficient sports rehabilitation services for sports athletes, and support the construction of a sports strong country with practical actions -in 2019, Xiudu became the Chinese women's national basketball team.Official sponsors, accompanied by the Chinese women's basketball team, witnessed every glory moment.In addition, Xiudu is also the official designated smart rehabilitation institution of Hainan (Sanya) International Marathon, Shenyang International Marathon, Chengdu Marathon (the only World Marathon Candidate in China) and other famous marathon events.With the unanimous recognition of great health practitioners, elite athletes and sports enthusiasts, the market reputation has been continuously improved.

The core advantage of Xiuyu "Xiuyu Artificial Intelligence Physical Therapy Robot" has broken through the traditional restrictions of stretching rehabilitation, deeper penetration, more stable strength, and more accurate standard chemotherapy services.The plan helps to improve the performance of exercise, and helps athletes to achieve exercise damage recovery safely, effectively, and quickly.It is worth mentioning that Xiuyu artificial intelligence physiotherapy robot is the scientific and technological achievements independently developed by the Chinese Academy of Engineering Ni Guangnan, the research team of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.Wide praise.

From the goal of "extensively carrying out national fitness activities and accelerating the construction of sports power" from the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, to the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" and the 2015 long -range goal goal outlineIt has become the iconic cause of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Xiuyu advocates the spirit of Chinese sports and resonates with the development of the national sports industry. It has the professional strength and service capabilities for providing sports rehabilitation services for national athletes. It is willing to contribute to the construction of a strong state of sports!