The negative impact of aerobic exercise on women may be reduced and fatter

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This moment informationarticle compiles from: "Why Cardio Can Negatively Affect Women's Fat Loss"

The definition of mental chaos is to repeat the same thing, but it is expected to have different results.

Unfortunately, the standard female fat reduction plan fully meets this definition.After all, many people now think that there is no other form of movement except for running.

For most women, the war of weight loss lasted for many years, and experienced repeated dieting and countless failures.

Most of the time, when women decide to lose weight, the first reaction is to perform strict heat control for a long time, and at the same time perform a large amount of aerobic exercise (such as jogging).And never do any other types of exercise (such as strength training).

Unfortunately, this method is often counterproductive.

Why do aerobic exercise?

First of all, I do not oppose the aerobic.Exercise is wonderful, life lies in exercise.But people often abuse aerobic exercise.

It is not the most effective method for weight loss only to do aerobic exercise. This is no longer a new concept.

Studies have shown that when three groups of people (only diet, diet+aerobic, and only aerobic) start the weight loss plan, the weight loss effect of pure aerobic exercise is not obvious in data.

Why is this so?

The following are some precautions about the weight loss of pure aerobic exercise, in order to prevent you from happening:

1. Pure aerobic exercise is not as consumed as you think so much

This is a common error.The data of the treadmill is "estimated", as is the heart rate monitor.I have tested all kinds of aerobic exercise programs before, and I also did a simple experiment at the same time.I wore top -level heart rate monitoring equipment to participate in a exercise pressure test. As a result, the calories of heart rate monitoring estimated 3 times higher than the actual consumption.

Our existing tester technology is not perfect, tending to be more estimated than actual.This tendency will increase with the improvement of your movement.You may have noticed that with time, training will become easier and easier.Even if you increase the amount of exercise, the kind of breathlessness when you start high -strength aerobic exercise for the first time, and the dark feeling of the sky has become the past.

The more you practice, the better the body will adapt to this sport.The body will become more coordinated and energy -saving.This is a good news for your jogging technology, butThe efficiency of fat loss is notEssence

This can also cause a vicious cycle of overeating.

Most people who lose weight through exercise will think that they eat too little (because they feel that they have consumed too much calories), so that they continue to "eat back" the burning heat, even if the weight loss plan has stagnated.In most cases, due to the overestimation of consumption heat, the calories of eating back are just right and consumed, so that it cannot be made.

2. Pure aerobic exercise will promote women's appetite

You may have heard that sports will suppress appetite.A research team in Ottawa conducted a study that found that this was only suitable for men.For women, aerobic exercise can promote appetite.

Women are consumed after running, and they will have hunger.Unfortunately, you don't consume so much, but your appetite is increasing.

3. Aerobic exercise is addictive

Some people overcome the fatigue and pain brought by exercise through pure willpower.After a long time, the aerobic exercise will produce an interesting effect.You may have heard of the "runner climax", which is a real phenomenon.

In a study conducted by BOECKER and others, a conclusion was obtained: the human body releases opium substances after endurance exercise, which will cause exercise addiction. Even if it is injured, it will continue to train regardless of the consequences.

This means that the pleasure brought by chasing endorphins will make us forget that we may be hurting ourselves, and it will definitely make us forget that the goal is to lose weight.We became so addicted to chasing this feeling, so that we completely ignored the weightless weight without changes.Coupled with a few medals, with bragging capital, and some cool technology products, we are completely lost.

This makes it difficult for us to focus on the goal of weight loss.

4. Aerobic 1 hour, lazy 23 hours

It is in a state of insufficient heat for several weeks. When you try to send a signal to your body to reduce fat, a series of metabolic resistance reactions will produce a series of metabolic resistance.

Your body is working hard to adapt to the environment, because it does not want to die, the energy you give it is reduced, and it can only save energy as much as possible.

Do you feel easier to get colder than usual?This is because the body slightly reduces the core temperature.Do you feel that you have lost your usual vitality?This is because the body is protecting energy.

As the dieting continues, you will have a lot of small changes, such as you will become more and more lazy.Aerobic exercise can not only accelerate this process, but also give us a spiritual excuse."I ran! I moved, so I watched the video left today!" Do you feel familiar?

The little calories you consume will be offset by these tiny adaptability changes.

5. So, can high -strength intermittent aerobic help you consume more calories?

Recently, HIIT has been widely promoted through Crossfit and other projects.It is very attractive to propagate to relax at home while burning more calories.

During the recovery after HIIT, the body will experience "excessive oxygen consumption (EPOC)" to restore the rest state.The muscles are repaired, the lactic acid is purified, and the oxygen is supplemented.These effects can last 48 hours, burning extra calories.

However, the EPOC effect of HIIT training may be exaggerated.In a study that evaluates 3-5 HIIT exercises 3-5 times a week, the total heat consumption per week increases only 200 calories.

So shouldn't I do any aerobic exercise anymore?

As I said before, life lies in exercise, and exercise itself, as a part of lifestyle, is wonderful and good for health.It is just that "only aerobic" is not an effective way to lose weight, and it may slow down to reduce fat.If you have an aerobic exercise you like, you can continue, but you must cooperate with other types of training (such as loading training), otherwise it will have a small impact on fat loss.

Remember that the calories consumed by aerobic exercise are much smaller than the actual estimate, so if you are just running and after the end, if you want to eat a meal, you still need to weigh.


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