The Ninth Guangzhou Outdoor Sports Festival in 2023 will end the Guangzhou Traditional Lion Wake -Lion Invitational Tournament!Panyu District Wake Lion delegation won the third place in the total scor

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Recently,breaking news the 9th Guangzhou Outdoor Sports Festival in 2023 has ended in the South Square of Tianhe Sports Center in the Southern Plaza of Tianhe Sports Center.There are more than 60 wake -up lions from 11 districts in the city, and a total of 410 athletes participated in the invitation.The competition is hosted by the Guangzhou Sports Bureau, the Guangzhou Sports Federation, and hosted by the Guangzhou Martial Arts Association.The theme of "Love Outdoor Nature".

After fierce competition, Baiyun District, Nansha District, and Panyu District of Guangzhou won the top three in total group scores; the Tianhe District team of Guangzhou City, Baiyun District Caigang Haima Botanical Oil Co., Ltd. Xing Lion Team, Huangge Xiongfeng, Nansha DistrictThe Danglin Lion Sports Association won the first prize of a single lion;Award, tens of thousands of people watched wonderful competition performances on the spot.

Panyu District Wenguang Travel Sports Bureau appointed the Panyu District Martial Arts Association recommended Panyu District Xinqiao Martial Arts Wake Lion (Single Lion), Panyu District Donghuan Street Cai Bian Jingcheng Dragon Lion Phoenix Sports Association (Qun Lion)The organization participated in the competition for the Lion Lion in Panyu District.It took only four nights to receive notifications to the competition. The Lion Lion in Panyu District won the second prize of the single lion routine, the first prize of the lion routine, and the third place in the group.

In order to more widely meet the needs of the majority of lion enthusiasts and allow the general public to have a better viewing experience, this competition system has two games with traditional wake -up lions and group lions. The competition refers to "International DanceThe Longnan Lion North Lion Competition Rules and Rulings Law "(2011) does not distinguish between the age group. Men and women can mix the team. The aged 10 to 60 can register for the competition.The international and national dragon and lion professional referees conducted scoring.

Panyu District Wake -Lion Team in the game