The four Austrian Red Bull athletes shine in the snow and snow season, honoring gold!

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  "Silver Blue Energy" ignite 2023-2024Season FIS International Ski Federation World Cup highlight moment

  Recently,热门话题 the 2023-2024 season FIS International Ski Federation World Cup was held in Beijing, and sports athletes showed their skills in various projects.Four Austrian Red Bull athletes: Gu Ailing, Anna Gazel, Mattild Geller Mo Mo and Scott James Glory Coronation and successfully picked gold.

  Austrian REDBull Athlete: "Genius Girl" Gu Ailing

  On December 9th, Austrian Red Bull signed athletes and skiing genius Girl Gu Ailing in the 2023-2024 season International Snow Freedom Ski and Skills Ski U-shaped Skills World Cup (Genting Station), pressured opponents, gained freeSki U -type venue skills women champion.

  As the first Chinese athlete signed by the Austrian Red Bull, Gu Ailing began to try skiing when he was only 3 years old, and won the national skiing championship at the age of 9.Since the age of 13, she has begun to participate in the adult competition.In 2019, she played in the X Games World Extreme Games on behalf of China in 2019. She won three medals for the first time, creating history, and then showed huge talent and potential in major world events, and frequently achieved good results.In the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, Gu Ailing won 2 gold and 1 silver on behalf of the Chinese team, creating a new history of Chinese women's skiing.

  Austrian REDBULL Athlete: "Single Board Queen"Anna Gassel

  On December 2nd, Austrian Red Bull athlete Anna Gassell, in the 2023-2024 season, International Snow Union Board and Free-style Ski Power World Cup (Beijing Station), won 174.00 high scores to win the sheets ski jumping women's championshipOnce again, with a strong strength and steady play, he proves his absolute dominance on women's single -board ski projects.

  Austrian Ski Famous Anna Gasser was the first gold medalist in the history of the 2018 Winter Olympics history, and successfully defended the title at the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.From a member of the Austrian National Gymnastics Team to the skiing project of the single board, Anna Gasser has always insisted on self and courage to challenge."Absolute rule" on single -board skiing projects.As the first female player in history to complete the Cab Double Cork 900 difficult movement, Anna Gassell's continuous breakthrough of herself has gradually made her a "pronoun" for the difficulty of high difficulty action of the single -board ski project.The highest difficulty of the platform has won the reputation of the "Queen of the Single Board".

  Austrian REDBull athlete: "Free Ski Leader" Mattilder Graimo

  On the same day, the Austrian RED BULL athlete Matld Gramo picked gold with a absolute advantage of 175.50 and won the free -style ski jump women's championship.

  As one of the best free skiers in the world, Mattilder Graimo is the first woman to successfully complete Switch Double Cork 1440 and bring women free skiing to a new level.Since entering the Free Ski Sports, Mattilder Graimo has continued to sharpen and improve in major events in the world. She won the World Championship and freedom of the free -style skiing women's slope technique project in the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. SheGrand Ski Woman jumping on the third place.

  Austrian REDBULL Athlete: "U -shaped pool king" Scotti James


  On December 8th, the Austrian Red Bull athlete Scott James maintained a high level of high levels and won the 2023-2024 season with 91.25 points.

  He broke into the International Tour in 2008. Since then, he has been frequently achieved in events such as the International Snow Union World Cup, Burton European Open and Winter X Games.In 2010, as the youngest athletes in the world's top competitions in more than 50 years, Scotti James shined in major international events, and several times ushered in his own highlights.

  As the iconic figure of the Austrian Red Bull signing athletes, this time in the 2023-2024 season FIS International Ski Federation World Cup, the four world champion of Glory Gold Victory and the Austrian Red Bull brand has long adhered to "add you to you"The brand spirit coincides.The Austrian Red Bull continued to help more than 800 athletes worldwide with inspirational "silver and blue energy" in 36 years, so that every soul that dare to chase dreams is always loyal to faith, boldly explore self -limit and break through the boundaries of life.