The ice and snow festival series is here, the "first standard ice rink" in this central city will actively host the national ice sports event

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TheCurrent Affairs Putuo Ice Movement Center, located in the central green space of Taopu and opened up and open to the public in October this year.Just recently, the "Johnson Pu Tuo" ice and snow festival series of activities kicked off here. As the "first standard ice rink" in the central city of Shanghai, in the future, it will also bear the Shanghai short track speed skating team, youth ice hockey sportsTeam training and actively host national ice sports events.

From the "walking on the south coast, running from the north bank, the middle of the north coast, and the middle" to the Suzhou Hepu section "... The reporter learned that Putuo is through the form of government -enterprise integration, physical education integration, community participation and other methods to help the urban area with sports help the urban area.develop.The sports community of the CPPCC also actively links key areas and social forces for the establishment of the Putuo Ice Sports Center, the development of mass ice and snow activities, and the introduction of the CPPCC for the introduction of the youth ice.

According to Shao Guomin, vice chairman of the Shanghai Ice and Snow Sports Association, this year, Putuo Ice Sports Center has undertaken the ice hockey and patterned skating championship. Putuo district has set up many ice and snow sports characteristic schools, which has attracted young people and ice and snow sports enthusiasts.The Ice and Snow Sports contributes to help achieve the goal of "everyone on the ice".

Exercise has also become a bond connecting residents.Chen Wenyu, a social sports instructor living in Taopu, told reporters that he was a foreign company staff member who started to run with two baby and established a community sports group.Through the training, learning and guidance of the Putuo District Sports Bureau, Chen Wenyu also received many sports coach certifications, such as fitness coaches, track and field coaches, and adolescents in coach, laying the foundation for organizing community sports activities.Today, there are more than 300 people in the group.The "parent -child breakfast run" in the community insisted on 113, with more than 150 families and more than 100 children participating.

Gu Weiling, director of the Putuo District Sports Bureau, said that the "Battle of the Battle" series includes the three major brands of the "Battle of the Su River" sports season, the "Battle and Commercial District" sports season, and the "Battle Ice and Snow" sports season.The "Johnson Pu Tuo" ice and snow festival series will be combined with the city -level high -level ice and snow competition to create a new sports brand brand in Putuo.In addition to innovative "sports+" events, Putuo District will also deepen national fitness brands, improve the cultivation model of social sports talents, and use the level of youth sports development as a display in urban comprehensive competitiveness.

According to the urban development plan, Putuo District will gradually form three major sports centers: Putuo Ice Sports Center, the "Half Masu River" Waterfront Sports Center, and the Shanghai West Sports Center (Municipal Sports Palace) to promote the development of the sports industry.Urban development.

  Author: Xu Jinghui