The footsteps of winter are close, should you stop running?What should I pay attention to when running out of cold sky outdoor?Listen to what the sportsman say

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"If you want to be smart,热议资讯 run! If you want to be strong, run! If you want to be healthy, run!" This ancient Greek language engraved on the rock wall engraved by the Alfis River on the Olympia is always inspiring the athletesAdd to the ranks of running.In recent years, running sports has become the main form of national fitness.Whether it is in the dawn, or in the twilight, on the runway, green road, and trails of the bridge city, sweat running can be seen everywhere.Citizens have become more and more enthusiastic about running, which has become a vivid epitome of the booming development of the masses.

Right now, the footsteps of winter are getting closer.Even so, the runners did not hit the "retreat" in the outdoor running, and the circle of friends showed a picture of the running trajectory.So, do running sports in winter?Will it make a cold easier?What do you need to pay attention to in this process?Recently, the reporter interviewed the person in charge of the "Little Miao Sports" and the sports experts, and asked him to answer questions for the primary stages of runners.

Whether it is suitable for running in winter

"Exercise should be a" perennial "lifestyle, and there is no inevitable relationship with seasonality. There are different precautions in different seasons. Running is not a seasonal exercise." Xiao Miao said that the metabolism of people in winter is relatively slow.There are more clothes and less exercise, and the temperature is low. People are naturally unwilling to move. Compared with other seasons, they are easier to store fat, so exercise in winter is still necessary.

Many people feel that winter weather is too low, and outdoor running exercises are easy to cold, causing colds to get sick.In this regard, he told reporters: "The exercise itself will not cause a cold. The temperature changes causes the body to be uncomfortable and causes a cold. For example

"In winter, compared to the morning and night running, the exercise time can be freely selected, I recommend that there are noon and high temperature at noon." As for how to prevent the problem of colds and one hot before and after running, he can easily cause a cold.Pay special attention to runners, pay special attention to three points: do a good job of keeping warm before running; during the running process, the body slowly starts to heat up and sweat, and you must take off your jacket.Change to dry clothes.

It is very particular about running sports and dressing in winter. It is not to run on a down jacket. Instead, you should make sufficient corresponding preparations in order to prevent problems such as colds.Xiaomiao introduced that clothing in winter outdoor sports should take care of sweat and warmth."To wear fast -drying fabric clothing, the breathable sweats are good. Don't wear all cotton, and it is easier to cold when it sucks sweat." He said that it is also a wise choice to wear a pair of gloves and a hat to keep warm.

How to do warm -up work

To warm up, this is a very important topic.In the case of low temperature, most of the runners who just got started and felt that they couldn't get hot for a long time after going out, and it was easy to cause strain and easily caused strain.So, what should I do when this kind of "run slowly and cold is easy to catch a cold, run fast and easily hurt"?Xiao Miao told everyone that warm -up exercises are essential.

Regarding the saying that running in winter is likely to cause injuries, Xiao Miao said that the injuries brought by running are not greatly related to the sexual relationship. Cold can cause a certain degree of muscle rigidity, but it is not an inevitable factor in injury.But warm -up needs to be done in any season and any project."There are no special differences between winter and summer. They are mainly slow to allow the body to adapt to the amount of exercise.

"If you run in the morning, you must eat something to fill your belly before you run. Do not exercise on an empty stomach. At the same time, do not do running exercises within 30 minutes after meals." Xiao Miao deliberately emphasized that before runningStretching, you must do your best during the running process. "It is best to wear a watch with a heart rate to monitor your physical condition at all times." Of course, the stretching and relaxation after running is equally important.He said: "Massage leg muscles can promote recovery and prevent sports damage."

What else is there

"Some people think that exercise within one hour can not drink water, which actually depends on personal ability." For hydration, Xiaomiao suggested that because everyone's demand for water is not the same, the initial stage runners are in the process of exercise in the process of exerciseMake a small amount of hydration on demand.In addition, do not be greedy after running, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

As for how to choose outdoor sports venues, of course, the first push is plastic runway.Xiao Miao suggested: "The impact of hard roads facing the ankle and knees is relatively large, and there is no buffer. For people who have just started running exercises, they are prone to exercise damage." In addition, he suggested that everyone pay attention to the weather changes before going out and try to choose the windless wind.When there is no rain and snow, when the air quality is better, go out and run.

Exercise must not only achieve fitness purposes, but also people who can exercise should learn to enjoy fun.Xiao Miao suggested that those who run for the first time or have less exercise are recommended to choose a gradual way. Do not pay attention to surpassing blindly, otherwise super load exercise will cause unnecessary exercise damage. "Keep good exercise habits, it will make you easier to experience itTo joy and enrichment. "

Reporter: Lu Chaoqun