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  Biden said that the US -China relations would ease in a short period of time. Biden announced that he had blackened. Recently,热门事件 the US President Biden announced that he had blackened at a White House Journalist Association dinner. The news caused widespread attention.The annual American White House Journalists Association dinner opened.During the period, the US President Biden's firepower was full, not only bombarding the former US President Trump and other political opponents, but also mocked those American conservative media that black him.This declaration has aroused widespread attention and heated discussion on social media, and people have different views and interpretations of this topic.For some people, Bayeng claims to be a very interesting statement, because the word usually refers to the characteristics of some black culture and language in American culture.
Biden said that the US -China relations will be eased in a short time
  Biden is a white man. He claims to be blackened and is obviously joking, expressing his willingness to be closer to the culture of black people and communities.However, on the American social network, the most concerned of the majority of American netizens is that Biden suddenly put on sunglasses at the end of his speech, announcing a bridge that he had blackened, and even Biden himself announced this section this morning this morning.The blackened content was sent to his official social account.
  Biden said that the US -China relations will be eased in a short time
  According to Agence France -Presse, US President Bayiden said to reporters during the participation of the Seventh Kingdom Group Summit in Hiroshima, Japan that the relationship between the United States and China should be eased in a short time.Prior to this, the U.S. government had repeatedly released the wind, hoping that Blints and other US officials would visit China.Benden himself before he set off to Japan to participate in the G7 summit, he said that he would talk to Chinese leaders in the morning and evening.
  Agence France -Presse reported that the United States had shot down the Chinese civilian unmanned airship earlier this year.It is reported that Biden told reporters on the issue of US -China relations that it was shot down, and then everything changed on the issues of both parties.I think you will see that this situation will begin to ease in a short time.Is this Bayon himself released to the outside world to release the wind and Chinese gentleness to the outside world?
  It is worth noting that the United States has recently said that the United States is considering arranging officials to visit China.The United States Cable Television News Network quoted a number of US officials that the Bayeng government is considering arranging a series of senior officials to visit China in the next few months.Part of the effort of sexual issues re -contact.According to the United States Cable Television News Network, US Secretary of State Brosky, Minister of Finance Yellen, Minister of Commerce Raymond Doro, and Climate Special Envoy Kerry are ranked among the candidates considered by the Bayeng government, but the possible access order is still unclear.Even American officials participating in the plan are unclear details.
  The United States Cable Television News Network reported that since the incident of Chinese civilian unmanned airships, some officials in China and the United States have contacted, but US government officials have realized that it is for U.S. -China relations for high -profile visit to China and discussing substantive issues for US -China relations.It is important.
  Regarding the contact of China and the United States, China has previously expressed its statement.At the regular press conference held by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a reporter mentioned that it is reported that the United States is working to promote or meet with Chinese officials with Chinese officials.Some people say that China is not enthusiastic enough. Is this proper?In this regard, Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that China and the United States have maintained communication between China and the United States.The key is that the United States cannot talk about communication on the one hand, but on the other hand, it continues to suppress and curb China, and it cannot be said to be a set.