The ninth Guangzhou Outdoor Sports Festival Equestrian Open was held, and more than 100 pairs of people and horses participating

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Nandu News Reporter Wang Yayun Correspondent Sui Sui From December 9th to 10th,特快资讯 hosted by the Guangzhou Sports Bureau, the Guangzhou Sports Federation, the Guangzhou Equestrian Association, the Guangzhou Taijun International Equestrian Center, etc., and co-organized by the Guangzhou Sports Lottery Management Center, the 9th Guangzhou Outdoor OutdoorThe sports festival equestrian Open was held at Guangzhou Taijun International Equestrian Center.A total of 128 equestrian clubs and school teams from Guangzhou and Shenzhen have competed for this equestrian event in the Paracelona, and competed for the 7 competitions of the Guan Asian third place.

After two days of competition, the awards of each project have been announced.In this competition, Guangzhou athletes successfully won 7 gold medals, 5 silver and 4 bronze medals in 7 prizes.Li Yaoyao won the junior and junior championships in the dance steps; Xiang Yuchen won the third level of the dance steps, the venue obstacles of 80cm-90cm contest;Obstacles are championship; Huang Yijing won the venue obstacle 60cm-70cm unilateral post championship.