The Lakers recruit all the team!This is the essence of basketball

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Remember,breaking news the championship in the middle of the season must be robbed as the finals!

The old mage of the NBA will tell you: The playoffs and the regular season are not a concept, the finals and playoffs are not a concept. The finals of the Finals are not a concept.Therefore, in the face of a winning championship, it is equivalent to seven major battles in the finals.

In fact, before the finals of the Pacers and the Lakers, the vast majority of the Lakers won the championship.For nothing else, the Lakers have a number of players with many championship experience, and the Pacers include the leader Halibaton, and there are only a handful of experience in playing such tough battles.Pacers will definitely be difficult to adapt to this intensity competition.

Sure enough, the Lakers have occupied the initiative on the field from the beginning, and the score has always maintained a certain lead.However, the Pacers' newborn calves were not afraid of tigers. In addition, the Lakers in the first half still had certain foul troubles, so from the perspective of the score, the two sides did not open the gap.

But the real problem is here: the score does not fully reflect the content on the scene.Because the Lakers have seized the biggest problem of the Pacers -insufficient inside strength, they started making articles.Whether it is James or thick eyebrows, their main tactics are to fight the inside line, and even Rieves also frequently use breakthroughs to kill the inside.

How hard is the Lakers?Among the 123 points scored by the Lakers in the game, 86 points were scored in the paint area, and the Pacers had only 44 points.This item alone is 42 points worse!It can be said that the Lakers used such a trick to faint the passage of the Pacers.

What's more terrible is that the Pacers' teams are not able to play with Anthony Davis players, Turner, Topo, in the eyes of thick eyebrows, they are all at random.The two scored only 23 points, but lost 11 fouls.This gap can only make people feel helpless.

This is the essence of basketball. It is to use your strength to beat others' shortcomings. You can't take care of your opponent's life.The Lakers took turns to use stars to punish the inside of the Pacers, but the outside line of the Pacers failed to give the due response, and the ultimate collapse became reasonable things.

In terms of data, Harrybrton also scored two pairs of 20 points and 11 assists in this field, and threw off the three -point shot for several times. His hit rate was quite good.However, in a finalist final, the opponent can not be killed, because these scores are expected scores. If you cannot use an offense outside the expectedFalling you.