The first one -stop sports center of Lingang New Area is open, covering various types of projects of football badminton basketball tennis, tennis, tennis swimming

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Summary:Power Power Linking Hong Kong Football Comprehensive Movement Center.

On the afternoon of December 10th,实时新闻 the Power Power Linking Hong Kong Football Comprehensive Movement Center was opened to the public.This is the first one -stop sports and leisure landmark after the establishment of the Shanghai Public Trade Zone Lingang New Area. It is located in the Lanwan International Community of Lingang New Area.Eleven -person football stadium, 1 seven -person football field, 1 piece of five -person football field, and equipped with a gym, swimming pool, comprehensive sports gallery (including 10 badminton, 1 standard tennis, 1 short net, 2 pieces of 2 pieces, 2 pieces of 2 piecesStandard basketball courts) and supporting business, player apartments, etc.

According to reports, the venues of the Power Linkang Football Comprehensive Movement Center will serve the sports crowd with the characteristics of "one venue, one highlight", and take the core football format as an example. By equipped with smart imaging and data service systems, the sports data of the player players(Such as high -light video editing, heat maps, playback time, technical statistics, ranking, etc.) can be presented in real time, which is conducive to timely feedback from the event data and training results.In the future, the venues such as tennis, badminton, basketball and other venues will gradually assemble the smart sports imaging analysis system to auxiliary sports participants and event referees to better complete sports highlight capture and ruling work.

The center plans to introduce multiple high -level events every year, such as the planned king football competition, the Shanghai Qingjia League, and the League of A League.While meeting the football training tasks, high -standard football venues can be used for trendy sports such as waist flag, flying disk, baseball, grass stick tennis and other trendy sports, to maximize the efficiency of sports space.After the launching ceremony, two high -level college football teams from Tongji University and Maritime University played a friendly match. The IP "2023 Power Lingang City Football Invitational Tournament" of Orange Lion Sports also sounded the opening whistle.

The reporter learned that the smart sports venues in Shanghai's layout in Shanghai include Yangpu Sports Center, West Bank Wind Valley Sports Park, and the West Bank Vitality Valley.Based on the high -level design of sports ecological continuity and openness. At present, there are more than 50 Music and Smart Stadiums in the country, with a total operating area of more than 3.5 million square meters.