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[Global Network Quick News Reporter Wu Yuanchun Cui Yan Zuo Tian] At 8 pm on the 7th of the Eastern Time (9:00 on the 8th Beijing time), Biden and Harris spoke to the country in Wilmington, Tellawa.According to the United States CNN (CNN), Harris first delivered a speech as the vice presidential status, and then Biden made a speech as a president.

"Guardian" said in his speech: "Our people have the ability to build a better future. When our democracy appears on the votes in this election, the soul of the United States is in a successful point of success or failure, and the world is in the world.Look, you have ushered in a new day for the United States. "

Subsequently, Biden played as the newly elected president and delivered a speech to the United States.Biden first said, "Everyone, the people of this country have spoken", "they gave us a complete victory", "a convincing victory."

"I promise to be a president who is not seeking division, but seeking unity." Biden said.According to the Guardian, Biden also told Trump's supporters that he understood their "disappointment."He had "lost" before.But now, "Let's give each other a chance."

The British "Guardian" reported that the people under the field wore masks, waving flags and fluorescent sticks, waiting for the president and vice president to speak.

"Today, 48 years ago, Joe Biden won the Senator seat for the first time in Tellawa. 48 years later, he will enter the White House." CNN anchor Says mentioned in the show.CNN said that in 1972, 29 -year -old Biden was elected as a senator of the United States.

CNN quoted consultant Biden that the core information of Biden's speech was to unite the United States and promise to become the president of all Americans.The consultants said the theme of his speech was the content drawn from the last few important speeches of his campaign.

In the early morning of November 8th, Beijing time, according to preliminary statistics from media such as Fox, the Associated Press, CNN, in the 2020 American election, Democratic Presidential candidate Biden has received the 270 election votes required for the election.

However, the Republican presidential candidate Trump questioned the mailing voting and individual votes, filed a lawsuit in many places, asked to re -count the votes, refused to recognize the defeat.A trace of uncertainty.

Take down multiple key swing states in a row

Biden has certified it as "elected president"

Because of various factors, the votes of multiple key sway states in the United States have made a slow progress, which has also made the election results that should have been released 3 days ago.Trump's election can be described as twists and turns. For a while, with the first voting of the voting point of the voting point, he was booming in several key shakes, and he was in a leading state, and he couldn't wait to declare his "victory".

The latest map of the United States (at 3 o'clock on November 8th, Beijing time)

However, with the successive votes of mailing votes, the Democratic supporters obviously love this way of voting. The election situation ushered in a turning point. The key swing states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia have successively turned blue.The latest results of the Fox News Network showed that the first four states were even wins in the end, getting a total of 290 votes and crossing the threshold of 270 votes.

The real -time election map of Fox News shows that of the 50 states in the United States, there are also three states in Alaska (3), North Carolina (15) and Georgia (16).Among them, Trump is currently leading in Alaska and North Carolina, but it has been unable to return to the final election trend.

In addition, the Associated Press latest statistics, Biden received 283 votes votes, and Trump's electoral votes were 214.In addition, the statistics of American media such as CNN are 273 votes in Biden and Trump 213.Although the methods and sequences of their respective statistics are different, they all show that Biden has more than 270 electoral votes.

The latest certification information of Biden social media account.The picture shows a screenshot of social media

On the evening of the 7th, after learning the latest invoicing results, Biden had successfully changed the certification information of his social networking site to: "Elected President".

Trump has not given up

Announce yourself "elected" again

Although the chance of winning is slim, Trump issued a statement saying that the election has not yet ended, and his campaign team will launch a lawsuit next Monday.

Trump also continuously released multiple news on social networking sites, and some of the "flaws" found in the election election seek support for their re -votes and other demands.

Trump still announced his "victory" on November 7, local time.The picture shows a screenshot of social media

On the 7th local time, Trump also insisted that he announced his "great advantage" and "winning the election".However, the tweet was subsequently marked as the official result of the non -election.

Although Biden has obtained 270 election votes required to be elected president, because Trump filed a lawsuit in many places, there was still a hint of suspense.Affected by the new crown epidemic, the number of votes mailing votes in the US election in 2020 increased.Before the election, Trump repeatedly questioned mailing votes and the fairness of the election.As of November 7, local time, the Trump campaign team has initiated a lawsuit in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and other swing states, and claims that the voting of votes in Wisconsin has "violations" and suspicious results.Tickets have increased the uncertainty of the results of the election.In response, the Biden camp once responded that the legal team has prepared for the "threat of the president's implementation of it to prevent continuing votes."Judge of Georgia and Michigan has rejected the Trump campaign team's lawsuit.In the case of not being released in Duozhou, Trump has also announced many times.On November 6, local time, Trump said in social media: "I easily won the position of US president through legal votes. Observer is not allowed to do their job in any form, so the voting accepted during this period must be required.It is determined as an illegal vote. It should be ruled by the Supreme Court of the United States! "

Data map: Republican presidential candidate and current US President Trump.

In the history of the United States, the Federal Supreme Court has made a ruling and affects the results of the presidential election.2000年,当时的实时资讯共和党总统候选人小布什和民主党总统候选人戈尔,Best Replica Sneakers就佛罗里达州大选计票发生争议,实时资讯上诉到联邦最高法院后,Best reps Jordan保守派大法官做出了有利于小布什的裁决,Best cheap sneakers使It won the election.According to the US Constitution, the term of the term president of the United States will end on January 20, 2021.The later the election results are determined, the less time left for the two governments to alternate.If the results of the election continue to be determined, it may also cause long -term political deadlock.

WorshipThree -degree competition election

Harris or the first female vice president in the United States

Data Map: Beiden, a presidential candidate for the United States Democratic Party.

Bynden was born in a blue -collar family, with mediocre scores in middle schools and college days.In 1972, it was a very important year for him.At the age of 29, he was elected Federal Senator in Telawa, becoming one of the youngest senators in American history.Since then, in the more than 30 years of federal senators, Biden has been the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee for a long time, and twice the chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.Biden has participated in the US presidential election three times.When he first "test water" in 1988, he was retired for being plagiarized by plagiarism.In 2008, due to the poor results of the preliminary election, Biden retired again, becoming a campaign partner who was later elected President Obama, and eventually became Vice President of the United States.In 2019, Biden again announced the participation in the election and was eventually elected as a Democratic presidential candidate.In August 2020, Biden nominated Federal Senator Harris as the Vice President of Democratic Party.This is the first time in American history with African and Asian descent women, and has been nominated by vice presidential candidates of major American parties.

On November 3, local time, the United States ushered in the 2020 election voting day, and the capital Washington Special Administrative Region opened a number of stadiums for voters to vote.Photo by Chen Mengtong, a reporter from China News Agency

Trump's four -year governance road

On January 20, 2017, Trump officially vowed to be the 45th president of the United States.In the first year of taking office, Trump fulfilled his campaign commitment to sign the administrative order of "Buy American Stores and Hire an American" to protect American companies from "unfair competition".At the same time, the Trump administration has implemented the first major tax reform in the United States for more than 30 years, bringing a short -term stimulus effect to the US economy.In May 2017, the U.S. Department of Justice appointed Special Prosecutor Miller to investigate the Trump campaign team during the 2016 election and intervene in judicial investigations.Miller completed the investigation in March 2019 and believed that the Trump campaign team did not "pass Russia" during the election.In terms of diplomacy, US -DPRK relations eased in 2018. The first "Golden Society" was held at the Gapele Hotel, Singapore.Trump and North Korea's highest leader Kim Jong -un achieved the first meeting in history and reached an agreement on "completely nuclearization".However, the second and third "Golden Society" subsequently did not announce an agreement on both sides.On the other hand, the United States withdrew from the Iranian nuclear issue in May 2018 to restore and add sanctions on Iran, and then Iran suspended the performance of some clauses to perform the agreement.In 2020, Trump once again announced sanctions on related entities and individuals that support Iranian nuclear, missiles and conventional weapons projects.As of 2020, the Trump administration has announced that it has withdrawn from Iran's nuclear issue agreement, cross -Pacific partnership agreement, the Paris Agreement that responds to climate change, and the UNESCO and other international agreements and multilateral mechanisms.Because the Trump administration and Congress have serious differences in the US -Mexico "border wall" budget built to prevent illegal immigration from entering the United States, the United States started in the longest government in history in 2019.In the same year, Trump was accused of "abuse of power" and "obstructing parliament", becoming the third president in the House of Representatives in the history of the United States, but was eventually judged to be innocent.Since 2020, with the continuous fermentation of the new crown pneumonia, there have been more than 9 million confirmed cases in the United States. Trump himself has also been diagnosed with new crowns in early October.A few days later, Trump announced that his new coronal virus test has turned into negative.

 Another news: The White House demonstration crowd shouted "You were fired"

(Global Network Express News) In the early morning of the 8th, Beijing time, many mainstream American media, including the Associated Press, have announced the "Biden Victory".After the Golf Stadium in Virginia played one morning golf, he returned to the White House at 3:13 pm Eastern time.CNN said that Trump waved to reporters when he walked into the White House.

Picture source: CNN

CNN said that when many American media reported that "former Vice President Joe Bayen wins the selection", Trump is playing at the golf course.

The Capitol Mountain News also reported the news of Trump's return to the White House, and said that outside the White House, a group of people who supported Biden directly aimed at Trump directly.! "The brand to express protests.

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