The fourth phase of "Sports and Health -immersive sports game experience camp" is successfully held

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Author: Fu Zhuke Lord    Edit: Wang Jiacai   ReviewBesidesLiu Yuxin  


At 5 pm on December 7, the fourth phase of "Sports and Health -immersive sports game experience camp" event hosted by the Student Union of the School of Physical Education was successfully held in the first playground.All members of the party branch and some student representatives actively participated. The activity not only enriched the students' extra -curricular life, but also improved the physical fitness, team cooperation and collective honor of students, and achieved very good results.

This activity is based on fun sports games. It aims to promote the healthy development of students' physical and mental health, enhance the spirit and competition awareness of teamwork between students, improve comprehensive quality, and cultivate a sound personality quality.A total of five sports game projects were set up in this event: "Big Net Fish", "Out of the Heart", "All Actions", "Dolphin Pearl" and "Picking Run".Among them, "Big Net Fish" as a warm -up activity, played the body and avoid injuries; "mouth is the heart and wrong" exercise the reactiveness and memory of the students;In the climax, everyone's emotions are gradually excited and excited; "Dolphin Pearl" not only requires students to fight for the shortest time, but also need a certain amount of luck.The coordination of everyone.

Before the event, everyone carefully listened to the rules and requirements of the activity.After the event, everyone gives full play to their own strengths and wisdom to honor their own teams.The atmosphere at the scene became more and more enthusiastic. Everyone was enthusiastic, and the audience's cheering, inspiration, encouragement, and laughter came one after another.In the end, after a fierce competition,ON.1The team stood out and won the victory of this game.

During the entire game, the participants not only showed their personal strength, but more importantly, they combated the honor of the team through teamwork and tacit person.In the future, the School of Physical Education will continue to hold similar sports activities to provide more opportunities and platforms for students' physical and mental health development.