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Original title: Meghan snuggled to Harry to see ice hockey,今日头条 200,000 "eye bracelets" attracted attention, and the mood was too full to become contrast with the prince

On the evening of November 20, local time, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle appeared in the Rogers Stadium in Vancouver, Canada to watch a ice hockey competition.In the end, the Vancouver who supported them defeated Santa 3-1.shark.

42 -year -old Meghan watched the game with her husband.She feels like a bird attached to a person, and people think she is so happy.Indeed, Meghan has recently appeared frequently, and the outside world speculates that this is preparing for her "returning to Hollywood".However, some experts believe that the best way to come back in Meghan is to establish close connections with the British royal family.There are no better ways.These are just small problems, and they will not achieve any big things.

The 39 -year -old Prince of the Red Hair was also invited to be the guest of the conference that day.Obviously, as the son of the British king, Harry will be highly valued no matter where he goes, even if he is now more and more marginalized.

Harry's playback ball is also full of commemorative significance.

Queen Elizabeth II, who celebrated the 50th anniversary of Dengjin, was conducting a "Golden Jewest Tour" in Canada at the time.She was invited to start the game for the Vancouver team and the Hese shark team.21 years later, her grandson staged a similar scene.

When Harry stood on the sidelines to watch the press conference, Meghan stood up and applauded, very proud.

Immediately, the accessories on Meghan's wrist also attracted people's attention, especially a "eye bracelet", which was very consistent with her style.

Cartier's golden watch and two gold bracelets are often worn on Meghan's wrist. This time she added a new thing, a diamond bracelet with five "eyes", which is said to be worth more than 200,000 yuan.

It is reported that this bracelet is called "Fighting Eyes of Evil". This type is simply Meghan's amulet.Seeing that she was wearing this thing in front of the camera several times, she seemed to be afraid that some "bad guys" would secretly calculate her.

When she went to South Africa before, the necklace she wore was also a small eye, which was very similar to the five eyes this time.

I have to say, how many "villains" do Meghan still have to resist "Five Eyes" at the same time?

Back to Harry, although he did not attract attention because of jewelry, he had to say that his emotional fluctuations were a bit big, which was in sharp contrast to Meghan.

When the home team won, Harry screamed excitedly, and his mood was so high that it was difficult to not be noticed.

But his emotions may fall instantly, although Meghan sitting next to him is still full.

In addition, even if the scene was aimed at him, Harry did not show a bright smile.He held his chin in one hand and had a deep expression.On the other hand, Meghan always looks like a camera, as if it was prepared that night.Well, there is only an exciting expression, no other emotions.

As for the relationship between Harry and Meghan and the royal family, the current focus is whether the two will return to Britain for Christmas.It is reported that Hami wants to go back.As mentioned earlier, this is also a good way to expand its influence.However, Charles did not seem to be happy to see Hamme's "suddenly back", and William and Kate didn't want to see her again.

Now Harry ushered in another big blow, which means that Camilla will allow his children to participate in the Christmas celebration of the royal family.According to reports, the plan was broken.