"The Queen of the News" Zhang Jiayan lived with aggrieved, how did she "collapse" her decent life?Broadcast article

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The热点资讯 TV series "The Queen of the News" is currently on the air. Several heroines are beautiful, representing the social classes at different levels. Today, let's talk about Zhang Jiayan.

In the twentieth episode, Zhang Jiayan collapsed completely. If she could look at the George Party and the Wen Jiajun for doing things coldly before, but since she was transferred to the department after she was remembered for Wen Huixin, she could no longer interview the news. She could only write every day. She could only write every day. She could only write every day.A manifestation of the manifestation made her feel helpless in her life. Obviously she was the mainstay of the company, and she was the most serious about the news, but she was also the most mixed.Why did she mix as a good Zhang Jiayan?How did she "collapse" her decent life?

Zhang Jiayan's education is the highest. She will also have four languages, and she is the most serious. So how did she go to the point where "dad is not relatives, not loves"?First of all, the saying goes "character determines destiny". Zhang Jiayan's personality is stubborn and high. Although the company is divided into two factions, Zhang Jiayan has always been unique.News, she looks down on George and Wen Huixin for all kinds of internal fighting for power and forces!Therefore, when she was transferred, she found that her ability was buried, so she thought of Fei Ye, but like Fei Ye's evaluation of her, Zhang Jiayan's high personality can only allow her to give Fei Ye a cupThe movement of milk tea is just the movement of Xu Shiqing and Xu Xiaowei, so she has lost her dignity like her, so she has lost the value of as a bargaining chip, so she is not valued.

Second, Zhang Jiayan is too high. She feels that her ability is strong, so she disdains to participate in all kinds of internal fighting that she is not interested in. Of course, Zhang Jiayan's ability is really powerful.People, but she did not seize the opportunity to grasp. When Fei Ye needed her to balance the power, she chose to escape and not participate. When she was not qualified, even if the company had a good ability, when the company already had the one who replaced herAfter people exist, she seems unimportant.Third, Zhang Jiayan did not conform to current affairs. She has always been stubborn and never changed. Just like the place she likes to go, it has become the development of the developer.Everyone is in line with the trend, and the environment is pushed away by the people around.

And Zhang Jiayan still has not changed. Although she talked about marriage, she did not want to change herself for her husband. She had her own ideas and did not want to retreat for anyone.Therefore, she would be so aggrieved. She burned her graduation certificate at home and announced unilaterally that she would break up with her boyfriend. She was really not suitable for a Mrs. Kuo. She was more suitable for doing what she liked alone.

If Zhang Jiayan has Xu Xiaowei's forbearance, there is Xu Shiqing's ambitions and sexy, and the smooth world of Wen Huixin, I believe she can also become the company's power, and can do what she wants to do, and continue to live her decent life.