The first Chinese student (youth) Games ended, and Heng Shui Anping Zhizhen Middle School 15 -year -old students became the winner of the minimum medal.

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Looking at the client News (Reporter Bian Yiting) Recently,exclusive information the first Chinese student (youth) sports meeting held in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was successfully ended.In the Games, Sun Man from Hengshui Anping Zhizhen Middle School, Hebei Province, was 15 years old. In the "(campus group) track and field women's middle school shot" project, she threw 15.64 meters to win the national bronze medal, becoming the field stadium, becoming the field of the field.The youngest medal winner.

Sun Man and the coach Yang Ning came to the stage to receive the prize.(An Ping Zhizhen Middle School/Figure Supply)

It is reported that as the highest level of youth sports events created by the country, China's first student (youth) sports meeting is the largest youth sports event in China. The top professional athletes in various provinces and cities across the country gathered the competition.

In the field, Sun Man and the national high -level professional players were not afraid of strong enemies, calm and calm. According to reports, the project won the top two players, namely the Jiangsu Provincial Team Vocational Players and Tsinghua University high -level athletesEssenceWhen it comes to this competition, Sun Man smiled and said, "Although it is the first time to participate in the national competition, it is a rare challenge to compete with professional players."

Sun Man handles the award certificate.(An Ping Zhizhen Middle School/Figure Supply)

Since entering the team, Sun Man has loved and unconvinced the shot of the shot project, from the fledgling to the provincial championship, to the bronze medal of the school youth meeting, she has accumulated experience in the day after day, she has accumulated experience., Constantly draw nutrients, turn into the motivation and stairs of progress.

In April 2023, at the 16th Games of Hebei Province, Sun Man participated in the provincial competition for the first time, throwing a score of 16.55 meters (three kg); in July 2023, in the Hebei Youth Track and Field Championships, in a short time, in a short timeInner leapfrog progress, throwing 17.33 meters (three kilograms), won the title of national first -level athlete; in August 2023, the first challenge to throw four kgs at the 21st Middle School Games in Hebei Province, with 14.6 meters of 14.6 meters.Outstanding results won the championship of this event.