The first one -stop sports and leisure landmark in Lingang New Area is opened to help the "young city" add more vitality

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On December 10th, with the theme of "Gallowing Green Field, Vitality Young Linking Hong Kong", the Power Power Linking Hong Kong Football Comprehensive Movement Center was officially opened. This is the first one -stop sports leisure landmark in Lingang New District."Young City" another source of vitality.

It is reported that the Power Power Lingang Football Comprehensive Movement Center is located in the Lanwan International Community of Lingang New Area. The appearance of the building adopts the design concept of "sailing", which includes a race center football field with 2,300 stands in 11 people.Eleven -person football fields, 1 seven -person football field, 1 piece of five -person football field, equipped with gym, swimming pools, comprehensive sports galleries, supporting business, player apartments, etc., will be available for the supply venue supply in the port area to meet the supply of stadiums in the port area and meet the satisfactionNational fitness needs.With the operating standards of the "Power Power" of the smart venue brand of Orange Lion Sports, the new sports space is integrated into the daily life of ordinary citizens, and the functions of inclusive public services and high -quality life services are carried.

In addition, the center plans to introduce many high -level events every year, such as the planned king football event, the Shanghai Qinglong League, and the League A League.At the same time, with the professional venue operating capabilities of the Orange Lion Sports team, while meeting the football training tasks, high standard football venues can be used for trendy sports such as football rugby, flying tray, baseball, and grass stick tennis.

After the launching ceremony that day, two high -level college football teams from Tongji University and Maritime University played a friendly match. The IP "2023 Linking Power Invitational Tournament of Orange Lion Sports" also sounded the opening whistle.Essence

Huang Chunxiang, Vice President of Orange Lion Sports, introduced that the Power Power Linkong Football Comprehensive Sports Center is based on the three concepts of smart operations, smart management, and intelligent experience to give priority to ensuring the public welfare and national nature of venue operations.The various venues in the center will serve the sports crowd with the characteristics of "one venue, one highlight", and take the core football format as an example. By equipped with smart imaging and data service systems, the sports data of the player such as high -light video editing, heat map, playing time on the stageThe technical statistics and rankings can be presented in real time, which is conducive to the timely feedback of the data and training results.In the future, the venues such as tennis, badminton, basketball and other venues will gradually assemble the smart sports imaging analysis system to auxiliary sports participants and event referees to better complete sports highlight capture and ruling work.

Lintang New Area has become a new highlands that are open to the outside world, attracting a large number of young people at home and abroad who have dreams, dare to work hard, and live at home and abroad to start a business, take root, and dream.The city "injects richer connotation.In recent years, Lingang New Area has continued to increase investment in sports, culture, leisure and entertainment. This time, the Lingang Football Comprehensive Movement Center will be used to strengthen sports and leisure functions and make young people's amateur life richer.

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