The opening of the 13th National Fitness Games of Heze City opening

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Original title: TheBreaking news opening of the 13th National Fitness Games of Heze City Opening

On December 10, the 13th National Fitness Games Health Games Health Qigong Competition was held at the Gymnasium of the Vocational Education Park in Heze.Zhang Yuanxi, deputy director of the Heze Sports Bureau, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony and announced the opening of the competition. The heads of the relevant departments of the Heze Sports Bureau, as well as all participants, leaders, and referees participated in the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony kicked off in the majestic national anthem, and the referee representatives and athlete representatives swear respectively.Zhang Yuanxi pointed out that hosting this competition is not only a good opportunity for the majority of Health Qigong enthusiasts to learn and communicate with each other.Inspiring the spirit, consolidating strength, actively devoted himself to economic and social construction, and made greater contributions to Heze City's early realization of "later upper".

At the competition scene, the athletes were full of spirit and the fighting spirit.They vividly interpreted the characteristics of Health Qigong, rigid and soft, and the combination of movements and statics.

It is understood that the Health Qigong, as a traditional national sports project, is an important part of the long -distance Chinese culture.Health qigong has projects such as five poultry dramas, eight sections of Jin, Yijin Jing and other projects.Health Qigong is completed through physical activity, breathing, and psychological adjustment. It has obvious effects on regulating physical and mental health and is loved by the masses.This Health Qigong competition is one of the important events of this National Fitness Games. A total of 11 athletes in 11 teams participated in a one -day group competition and personal competition.

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