The hottest ice season has come to "ski+sports" to become a popular lifestyle

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  "I miss you in the big refrigerator in Guangzhou" -TheNews information road sign copy of the blue bottom is full of atmosphere. Under the street sign on the snow road, young girls wear red ski suits and take pictures of skiing.The enthusiasts are standing in front of the magic carpet and waiting in line. This is the daily scene of Guangzhou Hot Snow Miracle, the largest indoor ski resort in Huadu District, Guangzhou.

  In the past few days, with the "opening" of the ski resorts in various places, outdoor ski resorts and indoor ski resorts at the "door" have once again become a enthusiastic place for southern ski lovers.According to Meituan data, since November, Guangdong's "indoor ski" related search volume has increased by 295%year -on -year.Flying Pig data shows that since November, the "ski" related search popularity has increased by more than 100%from the previous month, and the number of ticket reservations to the Northeast increased by more than 1.3 times year -on -year. Train tickets have increased by more than 2.4 times.Beyond, Guangdong Province ranks first in the popular customers.

  As the first complete snow season in the post-winter Olympics era, the industry estimates that the 2023-2024 snow season will become the most prosperous season in the past five years.In this super skiing heat, the southern tourists headed by Guangdong do not hesitate to show high interest and spending power.

  "Home Door" experience: Southern skiing enthusiasm does not lose the north

  In recent years, the indoor ski resort format has ushered in rapid development in my country.According to the "2022-2023 China Ski Industry White Paper", there are 50 indoor ski pavilions opened in China in 2022-2023, and a total of 3.65 million ski people have been generated, accounting for 18.41%of all skiers.Relevant reports show that according to the size of the snow area, China has accounted for half of the world's top ten indoor ski resorts.

  Since the end of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the enthusiasm of Volkswagen's participation in the ice and snow sports has continued to rise, and the indoor ski resort has gradually become a highly popular tourist destination in the southern region.In the snow season this year, Ice and snow travel products such as indoor skiing, ice and snow park in the direction of East China and South China all showed higher heat.Taking Guangzhou Hot Snow Miracle as an example, since its opening in 2019, the total passenger flow of the snow farm has exceeded the 3 million mark.In the two days when the minimum price of the year's low -cost product was launched in Meituan tickets last month, sales soared to 4 times that of usual."I hope that through the advantages of the platform in the field of local life, we will combine online and offline. On the one hand, consumers can obtain more affordable tickets, and at the same time, they can further mobilize everyone's ski enthusiasm." Wei Jianyu, director of marketing director of Guangzhou hot snow miracle miracles.

  The reporter learned that in order to cater to the needs of current trendy youths and parent -child families, in the first half of this year, the Guangzhou Hot Snow Miracle has added a number of entertainment projects such as Tulip Fragrance Sea Snow Circle.The town street view has planned activities such as the lighting ceremony at the end of the year, the snow -covered welcoming, and the New Year's Eve DJ party.The reporter made nearly 20,000 evaluations on Kaimei Group and found that the number of comments such as "wonderful performing arts", "parent -child doll preferred", "big venue", "fun playing snow" and other comments are particularly many.

  From the perspective of the industry, the southern ice and snow resources are scarce, but in recent years, the enthusiasm of the people in the southern people has not lost the north."Guangdong is the largest source of customers, accounting for nearly 60 %, and there are many consumers in surrounding cities and Hong Kong and Macao." Wei Jianyu believes that ice and snow tourism is becoming a new consumer hotspot in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area.Become a popular lifestyle.

  "In the past, there was no environmental skiing in the south, and I did not know this sport. When the ski resort opened in 2019, I went to try skiing for the first time, and I discovered the fun of skiing." Ou Jiaqi is the principal of Shenzhen Deep Ski Club, and at the same time, it is also the same.The earliest batch of skiing customers in Guangzhou Hot Snow Miracle.From joining the professional ski team to opening skiing clubs, now he cooperates with platforms such as public reviews to attract more club members, and will bring members to the well -known ski resort in the north every winter.

  Ou Jiaqi said: "The number of skiing enthusiasts in the south is visible to the naked eye to increase year by year, and the level is getting higher and higher."

  Industry insiders pointed out that as more and more southerners have devoted themselves, Ice and Snow Tour will become a real "national tourism". With the promotion of local service platforms, the consumer demand for ice and snow will be further released.

  Northeast "Snow" is super attracted: might as well be appropriately diverted

  "The southerners are obsessed with snow. In addition to playing snow in the Northeast, they have to eat chicks with northeast -stewed mushrooms, pork stewed powder, and iron pot stewed goose.Sit a sled in a dog, and again 'splashing water into ice'. "

  In the past few days, Wang Jun, the head of the Orange Travel Flagship Store, which runs the local and group tour of Sanya, shifted his focus to the northeast. He was launched this year's "Double 11" "Harbin Xuexiang Yabuli on the 6th"., The turnover of a single product exceeds one million yuan.

  According to Flying Pig data, since November, the "ski" related search popularity has been on the steps from the previous month, an increase of more than 100%. Among them, the search heat such as Changbai Mountain Ski, Chongli Ski, Yabuli Ski, and Xinjiang Ski have doubled.

  It is worth noting that the ice and snow tour in the Northeast region in previous years will not usher in explosive growth until mid -to -late December, and this year it has been a whole month earlier."Recently, the receptions of tourists in Changbai Mountain and Xuexiang have exceeded early December of previous years!" Wang Yankun, head of the Mudan River Wolf Totem Tourist Store, said that the votes in Changbai Mountain in the morning are particularly tight recently.Essence

  The platform side said that this year's "Double 11" launched the "Living+Smooth" hotel package reservation rate for the "Living+Smooth" hotel package has grown rapidly last year. At least one -third has been completed.Since November, air tickets, train tickets, and car rental reservations to the Northeast have also doubled a year -on -year increase.Among the popular sources of customers, the heads of Guangdong are closely followed by Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong, Beijing, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Sichuan, Henan, Hainan, Hubei and other places.

  "In the second half of this year, we received a lot of consultation in the background of the Flying Pig flagship store and the fan base. Tourists showed great enthusiasm for Xuexiang, Mohe, and Changbai Mountain.I started preparing in September. "Liang Zhipeng, the person in charge of Miao Hi Travel Flagship Store, has previously focused on the local tour of Yunnan. In order to launch the" snow goods "that match the young customer group, he specially ran to the Northeast to set up the destination business department this year.Essence

  Wang Xue, who was a coach in the Jilin Beida Lake Ski Resort, was also busy recently. After completing skiing teaching every day, she rushed back to the village and took care of the newly opened homestays with her family.Wang Xue's house was at the foot of the mountain of Beida Lake Ski Resort. Seeing the ice and snow industry explosion, she became busy in the winter of farming.When coaches and homestays ... Many villagers have given up the "cat winter" like Wang Xue and devoted themselves to the road of ice and snow.

  In the face of the popularity of Northeast tourism, Wang Yankun, who is a native of Heilongjiang, put forward his views -everyone may wish to "divert" a little about the attention of Northeast tourism.Yichun, Changbai Mountain, Yanji, and Hulunbuir, Xinjiang, and Hebei in Inner Mongolia have good ice and snow resources in these places, and can be purchased according to their own needs. "

  expert interview

  Jiang Jinbo: Dean of South China University of Technology Southern Cultural Tourism Industry Research Institute, professor of tourism management

  The indoor ski field is facing challenges

  Yangcheng Evening News: Cantonese have always been "activists" in the ice and snow travel market.How do you view the special phenomenon of southern tourists prefer the northern ice and snow tour?

  Jiang Jinbo: As a developed region, Guangdong has always been an important source of tourism in the country.There are many travel motivations for tourists, and "seeking differences" is one of the important motivations, that is, the difference between the source of the source and destination.For Guangdong tourists, in the same winter, the warm winter of the southern country has formed a sharp contrast with the severe cold of the northern country. Ice and snow is the most highly different landscape, and it is naturally the most attractive.In addition, the reasons for Guangdong tourists to chase Ice and Snow Sports are the national promotion of the ice and snow tourism and the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  Yangcheng Evening News: As a new scene of southern sports travel consumption, what are the opportunities and challenges in the new era?

  Jiang Jinbo: The indoor ski resort provides the excellent North State experience at the door of the house for warm winter. It is an inevitable product that Guangdong tourists have been looking forward to the ice and snow world for many years.Projects such as ice and snow landscape, ice and snow sports, and ice and snow entertainment satisfied the curiosity of Guangdong tourists, and also greatly facilitated the longing and needs of Guangdong tourists for the long -term northern country's ice and snow landscape and ice and snow tourism.The indoor ski resort has not only become a new scene of consumer consumption of southern southern sports travel, but also a landmark project for high -quality development of cultural tourism at the moment. It can meet the curiosity of ice and snow tourism in the south.A series of related industries.

  Although the Guangdong indoor ski resort ushered in a specific period of consumption explosion with its novelty and startup characteristics, there is still potential challenges: First, the fading of the honeymoon period may cause a sudden decline in consumption, especially in the case of insufficient innovation;The second is the increase in homogeneous replication, bringing the market -oriented rapid saturation, and the price competition triggered.To this end, the ice and snow tourism project needs to continuously develop new products to meet new needs and lead new consumption.((arts/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liu XingtongCure

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