The bloody "Olympic Games" held in the Qing Dynasty, which is not inferior to the Roman Fighting Field

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It is Current Affairssaid that the year of the Olympic Games, which was held in four years, whether it was the heating of Beijing in 2008 or the busy foot of Rio de Janeiro this year.As everyone knows, before the rise of the Modern Olympic Movement, as early as the Qing Dynasty, there was already a mobilized sports event in the country -Mulan Qiuyi.It is not only a sports meeting, but also a feast of killing, even no less than the bloody level of the ancient Roman beast field.

(Emperor Kangxi's youth of the hunting outfit)

So why do the emperors spend their efforts and even consume the operation of national machines to maintain a hunting activity similar to sports meetings?This is also from the traditional customs of the Manchu. First of all, the word "Mulan" is the transliteration of Muran, and the Chinese translation is "deer whistle" or "whistle".It was originally a tool used when catching deer. It is made of birch skin or trees. For the female true family who lived between Bai Mountain and black water in the early days, it is a vital thing for their survival.But why do you still retain such customs after entering the customs, and even consciously exaggerate it and socialize?

The convention of Mulan Qiuyi was fixed by Emperor Kangxi in the 20 years of Kangxi, and asked the emperors of all ages to be held from time to time.In addition, in the "History of the Qing Dynasty · Li Zhi Jiu", Mulan Qiuyu was listed as a national military ceremony.It can be seen that the importance of Magnolia Qiu Yan to the royal family of the Qing Dynasty."National affairs, worshiping and row", so Magnolia Qiuqi with military nature has also become a means to maintain the habit of hunting in Manchuria.Moreover, Mulan Qiu Yan even affected the abandonment of Reng of the prince of the Kangxi Dynasty. How could the hunting affect the important thing of the emperor's inheritance?

(The camp during the Kangxi Mulan Qiuqi, the Mongolian bag in the middle is the Emperor Kangxi Emperor's Temple)

The outbreak of the matter was caused by the "Temple Night Police".When the emperor went to the Magnolia encircling field to hunt, he must "go to the school to go to the school, set the terrain, set up a camp, and build a account hall."In the forty -seventh year of Kangxi's hunting, Kangxi suddenly discovered that the prince secretly hid in the account hall where the emperor lived to peep at himself. According to Kangxi himself, "More different, Yi approached the cracks of the Putrajaya night and peeped inward ...… Let me be killed by 鸩 and tomorrow, and I caution day and night.

So why did the prince do such a demented behavior and even angered the emperor?Because Kangxi lives too long!He was established as a prince at the age of two until the age of 32 and has not inherited the throne.Only then can we come to peek. As for whether the emperor died early or worried about his father's condition, it was not important.Because Kangxi immediately sent him back to Beijing to detain and abolished the prince's position, and the killing of his party feathers and education masters and derogation shocked the entire country.

(Lang Shining's "Qianlong Assassination Tiger Picture")

Of course, the Prince Establishment is not the purpose of the emperor. Since the Kangxi, Emperor Qianlong has also held 40 Magnolia Autumn Festival in the past 50 years. In addition to the emperor's own entertainment, he also has the duties of the Modern Olympic Games.That is to convey a phenomenon of a Manchu ride to the people across the country. This is not only the exercise of the eight -flag children, but also a display of military strength to the outside world.After the tiger is "shot and killed" with a moisture, the surrounding circle will shrink, kill all of the animals, and use the massacre of these hunting animals as a way to maintain the blood of the Eight Banners.

Since the Magnolia Petfield is more than 1,000 miles northeast of Beijing, it is the Xingzhou place belonging to the Liao Dynasty in Linhuangfu, Liao Dynasty.The hunting also has the nature of the Mongolian aristocratic demonstration to the uneasiness. At the same time, the emperor's visit also represents a kind of courage, a proof of the worship of the Mongolian warriors.And the emperor can also conduct closer access and contact with the Mongolian tribes here. After all, the Mongolian army is also an important part of the Qing military forces.

(In the late Qing Dynasty, the Mongolian general Damin Ding Surong, who defeated the Manchu army stationed in Kalka)

However, since Daoguang's four years, with the weakness of the national strength and the weakness of the emperor, Daoguang stopped Mulan Qiuqi.Go to the hunting, but because the four seas are settled in the four seas, it should be lived with people's livelihood, and Mulan Qiuye is too wasteful, so it is no longer held, and at the same time, it is no longer fortunate to visit the Rehe Mixing Palace.And this also marks the official abolition of Mulan Qiuyu from this time.And because of the abolition of hunting, some Mongolian aristocrats who have always wanted to be independent have since been eager to move.