Sudan quickly supports the army with the Sudan political group signed a declaration

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On January 2nd,爆料资讯 local time, the Sudan Sudan Sudan and Sudan's political group "The Coordination of Civil Democratic FORCES" signed the "Siyabba Declaration" in the capital of Eskyo.

According to the Declaration, the Sudan rapid support forces agreed to promote the two sides to completely stop hostile operations through negotiations with the Sudan armed forces, end the armed conflict, and achieve Sudan's long -lasting peace.The rapid support forces also promise to open up humanitarian channels in their control areas to provide convenience and security for humanitarian rescue operations and relevant staff.

Sudan's rapid support forces leader Dacro and the leader of the "Coordination Organization of folk democratic forces" and former Sudan transition government prime minister Ham Duk held talks at Sa Baba in Asia from January 1st to 2nd, and ended Sudan armed forcesConsultation, promoting Sudan's political process and other matters for consultation.The two sides discussed the end of the Sudan armed conflict on the "coordination of folk democratic forces".

In addition, the "Coordinated Organization for Folk Democracy" announced on the 2nd that Bulhan, commander of the Sudan armed forces, had agreed to meet with Ham Duk.But the meeting time and place have not been determined.