The first primary school group!Zhanjiang's vigorous sports meeting is unprecedented

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  Youth ignition dreams,Express information sports casting is brilliant

  Morning December 9th

  2023 Zhanjiang City Primary and Middle School Student Track and Field Games opened

  On the field

  Including 10 counties (cities, districts) in the city

  The 25 teams are shaking, waiting for

  Enter the competition in a full state

  It is reported that

  The primary school group is set up for the first time in this competition

  The number of participating teams and participants is the highest over the years

  This event last two days, hosted by the Zhanjiang Education Bureau, hosted by Zhanjiang No. 2 Middle School, and a team of schools as a unit.Groups and elementary schools set up projects such as long -distance running, sprinting, high jump, long jump, shot shot.

  At the opening ceremony, the students from the elementary school of the Xiashan Campus of Zhanjiang City No. 2 Middle School played the African drums in their hands.The Chinese martial arts team brought by Zhanjiang Shaolin School martial arts team is rigid and flexible, igniting the atmosphere of the field.The Tai Chi Kung Fu fan performed by Zhanjiang No. 2 Middle School is full of vividness. It is full of the softness of dance and the masculinity of martial arts, so that the audience is applauding.

  Holding this event is to adhere to the characteristics of educating people,

  The concept of comprehensive education

  Specific measures to advance sunlight sports activities