The Lingang Football Comprehensive Movement Center is open to the public and will introduce a number of high -level events.

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Summary:After the establishment of the Lingang New Area,breaking news the first one -stop sports leisure landmark was officially opened to the public.

Yesterday, the Music Power Linking Hong Kong Football Comprehensive Movement Center was opened.

This is the first one -stop sports leisure place in the new area of the Lingang area, marking the birth of another source of vitality in this "young city".

The Lien Power Lingang Football Comprehensive Movement Center is located in the Lanwan International Community of Lingang New District. It includes a race center football field with 2,300 stands, 3 eleven people, and 1 seven -person system.The football field and one five -person football field are equipped with a gym, swimming pool, comprehensive sports hall (including 10 badminton, 1 standard tennis, 1 short net, 2 standard basketball courts), and supporting business and player apartments.Its architectural appearance is based on the design concept of "sailing", and the modern streamlined building vocabulary, which means the future and hopes.

Two high -level universities from Tongji University and Maritime University played a friendly match.

The rainy weather did not stop the enthusiasm of the surrounding citizens watching sports events.

As a one -stop sports leisure landmark, the Power Power Linkang Football Comprehensive Sports Center integrates complete facilities such as sports competition, sports rehabilitation, leisure accommodation, training training, and commercial retail.

It is reported that the center plans to introduce multiple high -level events every year, such as the planned "King of the Pass" football event, the Shanghai Qinglong League, and the League of A League.